The Ultimate Black Bean Chocolate Cake – so what is it?

Its TOO easy to make, yum! That’s what it is!

The Ultimate Black Bean Chocolate Cake Recipe
– thank you to one of our customers for this wonderful recipe!
(Adapted from the, thank you!)

Servings: 12

Cake Ingredients:
– 425g/15 oz/1 can (or roughly 1 ½ cup) cooked black beans in can, drained and rinsed
– 5 large eggs
– 1 tsp vanilla powder or 1 vanilla bean or 1 tbsp pure vanilla extract
– ½ tsp salt
– 3 tbsp coconut oil – liquefied, or olive oil
– 8 tbsp agave syrup
– 2 tbsp unsweetened apple sauce (apple sauce by stewing apples and adding cinnamon)
– 2 tsp apple cider vinegar
– 6 tbsp cacao powder
– 2 tsp baking soda/bicarb soda

– ½ cup of melted dark chocolate

1. Preheat oven to 160°C/325°F
2. Combine beans, 3 eggs, vanilla, agave, salt into a bowl and blend with a stick blender or in a blender – until smooth. Remove from blender and place in a bowl.
3. With a beater, beat coconut oil with the remaining two eggs until combined until fluffy.
4. Add the bean mixture to the egg mixture and blend with a beater or stick blender.
5. Add in apple sauce and apple cider vinegar to the bean mixture and continue beating/blending well.
6. In a separate bowl, beat together cocoa powder and baking soda
7. Finally, add the cocoa mixture to the bean mixture and beat until smooth
8. Pour into a lined, oiled/lightly buttered 8 or 9-inch spring form cake pan
9. Bake for 40 minutes at 160°C/325°F
10. Cake is done when top is rounded and firm to touch.
11. Let cake cool on a wire rack, then leave overnight on counter in a sealed container before frosting.

Sweet Chocolate Frosting –
Servings: 16 (Recipe frosts one 9-inch cake)

– 1 ½ cup pitted dates – slightly moist. (soaked overnight if they are dry – don’t soak in too much water, only a little, so sweetness is not expelled into water.)
– ¾ cup ground almonds/almond meal
– 1 ½ cup coconut milk
– 1/8 tsp salt
– 1 tbsp pure vanilla extract or 1 vanilla bean
– 1 tbsp brown rice flour
– ¼ cup
coconut oil – liquefied, or olive oil
– 4 tbsp agave syrup
– 1/3 cup
cacao powder.

1. Puree dates and ground almonds for a few minutes with a stick blender in a jug.
2. Add in coconut milk and puree until creamy and smooth.
3. Add in the rest of the ingredients and continue to puree until creamy and smooth.
4. Refrigerate for a few hours before frosting – only needs 1-2 hours.
5. Keep any leftover frosting or your frosted cake in the fridge.
6. Spread frosting over or inbetween layers of your cake and enjoy!





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