Organic Sourdough breads – is it Yeast free?

The answer is Yes!

The beauty about Organic Sourdough Breads is that they are cultivated or cultured with natural good bacteria that naturally grows in the flour over time. No yeast is used at all.

Some sourdough cultures were made over 100 years ago, and are still going strong today passed down from generation to generation. Sourdough is simply a grain flour that has been allowed to naturally ferment to produce good healthy cultures which aid in raising and creating a wonderful, flavoursome sourdough loaf. These cultures aid digestion and boost the absorption of nutrients in our body.

What’s in our Bread-Loaves category?

– Unique Kamut and Spelt Organic Sourdough and
– Exclusive Spelt Fruit Organic Sourdough – only available here online, and Bills Bakery’s own weekend market store in the Hunter.

All Yeast Free.
All Stoneground Wholegrain flours.
With added Psyllium Husks for more fibre and goodness to aid digestion.

See what other Bread – Loaves are on offer:

Or bake your own sourdough loaf with an Ancient 120 year old Organic German Sourdough Culture. The older the Sourdough, the stronger and healthier the culture.

Ancient Sourdough Culture





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  1. Splendid! And what an amazing array of different types you have, I imagine your breads must be delicious!


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