Spring is the time of Renewal and the Liver…

Feeling weary, frustrated from the winter and erratic weather changes so far this spring. Experience headaches, tight neck and shoulders, sometimes irritable and moody?

How can we shake off the winter blues and really prep ourselves for a cleansing, rejuvenating spring? What are the best foods and lifestyle habits to charge us up for summer and the year ahead?

Sandy Hewitt – a trained nurse and a qualified, university trained Chinese Medicine Practitioner from Oriental Health Solutions tells us in her latest Spring Newsletter about Spring, the Liver and a time of renewal.

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Napping – healthy, happily and also a good habit.

How many of us love to nap? A good 90 minutes or a few minutes of quiet bliss. Or do some of us think napping is ‘lazy’, unnatural or a sign of poor health leaving you more drowsy?

As nature always explains, there are reasons why we naturally feel tired at certain times of the day and why we can feel more energetic and at other times, groggy for hours afterwards.

The Science Of The Perfect Nap – yes, there is such a thing.

And here’s how to plan your Perfect Nap, enjoy it, reap the health benefits, lower your blood pressure, reduce excessive weight gain, improve your productivity, creativity and memory, be part of an evolutionary necessity that even large companies such as Google and Apple allow to improve mental efficiency – and do this all guilt free.  Sleeping on the job is a good thing.

How to enjoy a perfect nap?:
1. Nap before you feel overly tired. Monitor how you feel and plan your nap time. Looking forward to your nap has its health benefits too.

2. Find a quiet, dark place, set a ‘soothing’ alarm (not a stressful grating beep) to time your perfect nap.

3. To avoid waking drowsy – take a short 20 minute nap, or if possible 45 minutes. If you need a longer nap, sleep till 90 minutes so you can work through the sleep cycle.

4. Breath, relax and enjoy what nature intended for millennia.

Click here for more on The Science Of The Perfect Nap.


(The Surprising Science Behind Napping [Medical Coding and Billing]

This post originally appeared on the Medical Coding & Billing blog.)


Need a good night’s sleep?

We all need a good night’s sleep. Here’s the latest from Dr Camel Harrington, an Australian sleep scientist on what is really happening in our slumber hours, and how we can encourage a restful night’s sleep for an energetic day ahead – full of focus, alertness, good decision-making and even weight-loss.

Listen here to Dr Carmel Harrington’s chat with Margaret Throsby on ABC FM and introduction to her book ‘The Sleep Diet‘.

Some tips for a good night’s sleep from Dr Carmel Harrington’s ‘The Sleep Diet':

‘Prepare to sleep’ routine:

1. Turn off  your PC early – the PC and surrounding room is usually a very bright light source which can reduce the production of melatonin – your sleep hormone.

2. TVs in the bedroom – ‘an absolute no-no’ . TVs and the TV room is a more dimly lit light source compared to having a PC on, however the stimulation and habit of being awake at late hours to watch TV can reduce your melatonin and disrupt that night when you really want to sleep on time, instead of staying up late watching TV in bed.

Good – High tryptophan foods which help produce serotonin (our feel-good hormone) and melatonin (our sleep hormone).
– leafy green vegetables
– mushrooms
– nuts (hazelnuts, almonds).

Dairy such as milk and yoghurt are high in tryptophan however are calorie-dense carbohydrate foods which will have an adverse effect to a good night’s sleep.

Bad – foods high in tyrosine, tyramine or glutamate, that will wake us up, stimulating our awake hormones, resulting in a disturbed sleep, an overactive mind and sometimes nightmares:
– red meat
– processed meat (e.g. bacon, ham)
– cheese
– soy beans and soy products
– many types of spicy foods as they contain MSG (mono sodium glutamate)
– refined carbohydrates or high quantities of sugar
– alcohol.

Eat well, organic if possible, eat deliciously and enjoy a good night’s sleep.



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