New: Australia's first Certified Organic Xylitol Powder - Low GI sweetener, enjoy sweets the healthy way. New: Highly effective cold remedy. Ward off the lingering cold, cough this season. Brauer's Manuka Honey Elixirs. Soothes, expels, calms. New: Help your child recover from the constant cold, cough around this year. Brauer's Kids Manuka Honey elixirs, delicious, soothing.  
New: Relieve stress, boost immunity, mushroom superfood blend in capsules. Fermented, Sprouted, Activated, Organic by Fermentanicals. New: Delicious Organic Sweet Potato Noodles - Purple, Turmeric. Nothing but sweet potato. Ready in 7 mins! Korean Jap Chae! Back: L'Abruzzese Kamut Spaghetti is back! The ancient grain much more gentle on the tummy. Super tasty too. Enjoy!
Special: Organic Roasted Crunchy Macadamia Butter by the award winning Hand'n'Hoe farm. Spread, mix, good protein. Special: Hand'n'Hoe's Roasted Smooth version of their famous Macadamia Butter. Use instead of Peanut Butter. Mix in a dressing, add to a smoothie. Special: Last chance Pure Organic Cacao Melts. No sugar or additives. Pure Cacao. Add to hot chocolate, cakes, biscuits.
New: Reishi Mushroom products - Cacao Latte, Extract Elixir, Powder. Boosts immunity, relieves stress. Recommended. Bestseller: The Physic Garden range of organic pure premium balms. Shea Butter, Olive Oil base, no cheap oils. Special: On Sale! Kangaoo Island Organic Pure Ligurian Honey. World famous, the best of the best honey. Rated by industry and customers. Stringy Bark, Coastal Flora are our pick!