Special: Unhulled Tahini - full of good nutrients, delicious mixed with lemon juice, garlic.By Mayvers. Special: Organic Pad Thai Rice Noodles by Family Tree - this one stays together unlike other rice pastas. Special: Ginger Chews, perfect for travelling for the holidays! 10% fresh ginger! Helps reduce motion sickness.  
Special: 30% off these bestselling Crispbreads, made in France, light, airy, gluten free. Buckwheat, Chestnut... Special: Christmas Pudding time of year! Organic Mixed Fruits of Figs, Apricots, Plums, Cranberries, Sultanas. Special: Activated Almond Spread Butter by Food To Nourish. Spread, mix, add a protein boost. Our favourite!
Special: Organic Seeded Mustard - great for festive BBQs, sauces, dressings. A summer staple! Special: Mexican Sesame Seeds - Unhulled for more nutrients. Higher in Magnesium, Calcium. Sprinkle about. Special: Turmeric Paste - High antioxidants, anti-inflammatory. Delicious to add to any dish.
Special: Full list of Specials! Enjoy some treats before Xmas, products added daily! Special: A mini Vego Bar - wonderful hazelnut chocolate, smooth, addictive. Try it! Special: Vego - The largest and tastiest Vego vegan chocolate bar. Pure hazelnuts. Made in Italy.