Eggs XL Certified Organic Free Range Fraser (66g egg, 800g doz)


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  • Produced by: Fraser Coast
  • Country of origin: Australia
  • Certified organic (ACO)
  • Suitable for gluten free diets
  • Not suitable for vegans (eggs), suitable for ovo-vegetarians
  • GMO-free, BPA-free and not tested on animals
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Fresh eggs from Hervey Bay QLD, along the Fraser Coast opposite Fraser Island.
Home to many happy hens who live in a natural seaside setting.

The quality of the eggs produced here on the Fraser Coast really is second to none.
Limited supply each week, so get in quick with your order by Fridays 11am.
Super Popular and in limited supply.
Whites - if they are slightly runnier than usual at the moment this is due to the warmer temperatures and heat waves. Still fresh and fine to enjoy.
Fresh XL Organic eggs.
Bestselling eggs - Get in quick!
Bursting with flavour.

Fresh Eggs must be Pre-Ordered and
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Prolonged drought conditions continue to impact on feed and freight costs, making good quality eggs and chicken costly to grow.
Egg yolk and shell colour
Egg yolk and shell colour do not indicate the nutritional quality of the egg
The egg yolk colour increases with the amount of fresh green grasses and certain type of grains consumed by each hen and their exposure to sunlight. As the hens are free to eat and roam where they please, egg yolks may slightly vary in colour. Farms aim to keep a consistent egg yolk colour. Egg shell colour depends on the age, type and colour of the chicken.

Egg size
The minimum weight is 60g per egg, with some being over, even up to 70g so you end up with a greater total size.

You'll find within just 1 dozen there will be a variety of sizes aiming for an overal 800g dozen weight. The nature of certified organic real free-range eggs is that the eggs will be of differing sizes as the hens are naturally raised, unlike closed barn style batteries where they only pick very uniform shape and weights, whilst disregarding other eggs just for the look.

Storage: Store these fresh eggs in the refrigerator, especially in hot, warmer, humid months. Also best to store in the carton or ideally in a sealed plastic container as egg shells are porous and absorb surrounding elements.
The 'best before' date of each carton of eggs is around 3-5 weeks from collection. These eggs arrive into Sydney fresh from the farm every 2 weeks depending on supply.

Origin: Fraser Coast, Hervey Bay, Dundowran, QLD, Australia
Certification: Free range, Certified Organic.