Rainbow Raw Superfood Blend Organic Loving Earth (150g, glass)


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  • Produced by: Loving Earth
  • Country of origin: Australia
  • Organic (non-certified), Fairtrade
  • Suitable for gluten free diets
  • Suitable for vegans and all types of vegetarians
  • GMO-free, BPA-free and not tested on animals
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Raw Superfoods = Maqui (30%), AFA Blue Green Algae (10%), Camu Camu (20%), Acai (20%) and Gubinge (20%).

Ancient Superfoods - Healthy, Sustainable and Fair.

Loving Earth’s Rainbow Superfood Blend is an unique fusion of the world's most nutritious raw foods: sustains your body to support the most demanding of lifestyles.

* Maqui and Acai are the ultimate purple antioxidant superfoods.
* Gubinge and Camu Camu are incredibly high sources of vitamin C; both are wholefoods, so your body will absorb them more effectively than synthetic supplements.
*AFA Blue Green Algae from the Upper Klamath Lake in Oregon, USA is the most balanced, nutrient-rich superfood on Earth, with the highest protein and trace mineral concentration of any wholefood. The nutrients contained within AFA may have a strong positive impact on the immune system, intestinal function and the brain.

Organic Rainbow Superfood Blend (150g, glass) by Loving Earth

* Cane Sugar Free
* Gluten Free
* Fair Trade
* Dairy Free
* Low GI
* Vegan.

How To Use:
Add 1 to 3 tablespoons of Rainbow Superfood Blend to your favourite juice, smoothie or Buckinis cereal once or twice a day.

Ingredients: Certified Organic Raw Organic Maqui (30%, Chile), Raw Organic Acai (20%, Colombia), Wildcrafted Gubinge (20%, Australia), Raw Organic Camu Camu (20%, Peru), Raw Organic AFA Blue Green Algae (10%, USA).

Store: In a sealed airtight container in a cool, dark, dry cupboard.

Origin: Australia, Chile, Colombia, Peru, USA.

Nutrition Information:
Serving Size 5g
                  Per Serve  Per 100g
Energy              78kj     1550kj
Protein             0.6g     11.5g
Fat-total           0.4g     8.8g
   - saturated      0.1g     2.0g
Carbohydrates-total 2.8g     55.6g
   - sugars         0.7g     13.3g
Sodium              4mg      76mg
Vitamin C           0.26g    5.17g

Loving Earth’s Rainbow Blend comes in a beautiful amber jar - the ideal way to store superfoods.
Eternally recyclable, these glass jars look fantastic. The label easily peels off after use, leaving you with a great way to store your kitchen supplies.

Health Benefits:
AFA Blue Green Algae
E3Live® AFA helps alkalize the body. It is a complete, raw, living food. E3Live® has naturally occurring green, blue and magenta pigments. These reflect the presence of fresh chlorophyll, anti-inflammatory phycocyanin, PEA, trace minerals, beta carotene plus unique nutritional co-factors to promote stamina and recovery time. E3Live® is the only food to offer all these possible benefits. That’s why it’s renowned as a superfood by MDs and professional athletes.

The benefits of the Maqui Berry are many and varied; read this report from Food Chemistry for the full details.

Our raw freeze-drying process retains maximum nutrients meaning that our Raw Organic Maqui Powder is a true wholefood supplement. With the highest antioxidant quantity of any fruit, Maqui is reported to stimulate weight loss, delays the ageing process and detoxifies and cleanses the body. Research is also showing that it's a powerful anti-inflammatory and contains high levels of polyphenols and anthocyanins.

Antioxidants are substances that delay the oxidation process, which is the natural deterioration of cells leading to ageing. A growing body of literature points to the importance of natural antioxidants from many plants, which may be used to reduce cellular oxidative damage, not only in foods, but also in the human body. This may provide protection against a wide range of chronic diseases. The ORAC test measures a food’s antioxidant ability to neutralise free radicals and potentially mitigate health imbalances. The USDA recommend up to 5,000 ORAC units per day and more if under any of the various stressors most of us face each day. Most individuals get only 1,200 ORAC units or less per day; using a wholefood supplement such as Maqui as part of a healthy balanced diet will ensure that you're getting enough antioxidants to reap the maximum benefit. 

Anthocyanins are antioxidant flavonoids that protect many body systems and have some of the strongest physiological effects of any plant compounds. They're produced by plants for self-protection against sun, irradiation, diseases and biological enemies.

Laboratory research shows that anthocyanins:
- Reduce the coagulation of blood platelets, inhibiting formation of blood clots involved in stroke, pulmonary embolism, peripheral vascular disease and heart attack.
- Promote higher levels of “good” cholesterol, HDL.
- Inhibit oxidation of “bad” cholesterol, LDL.
- Neutralize oxygen radicals.
- Down-regulate enzymes leading to inflammatory reactions that cause pain and stimulate other diseases.

Our Acai Powder is wildharvested from Acai palms growing in the coastal estuaries of the Tumaco region in Colombia, where they get mineralised by the Pacific Ocean. This along with the fact that the Acai pulp is NOT pasteurised before it is freeze dried results in an ORAC score of 182,146 uM trolox / 100g. This is nearly twice as much as Acai sourced from the Brazilian Amazon making it an extremely high source of antioxidants.

Camu Camu
Traditionally, native medicine practioners and herbalists have recommended Camu Camu for:
- Strengthening the immune system
- Improving symptoms of herpes infections, including mouth blisters, genital blisters, shingles blisters and other viral infections
- Promoting energy and vitality of people with chronic immune dysfunction
- Strengthening the nervous system
- Supporting healthy levels of white blood cell formation
- Detoxifying the body, especially the liver
- Promoting health of upper respiratory organs, including lungs, sinuses, nasal passages
- Promoting a healthy heart and circulatory system.

It has the additional benefit of being non-irritating to sensitive stomachs and bladders.

Although the number of milligrams of Vitamin C, which Camu-Camu contains, is low compared to the milligrams in synthetically derived Vitamin C tablets, the effects on the human body are incomparable. Because of its food form, with bioflavanoids and other phytochemicals, clinical evidence suggests that it is far more effective, milligram for milligram, than synthetic Vitamin C (ascorbic acid).

Gubinge is a bush plum; there's a lot of hype around stuff coming out of the Amazon, Acai and so on, but Gubinge is a really powerful indigenous Australian superfood. It's the highest natural source of Vitamin C on the planet, and that's been verified. The species is called Terminalia Ferdinandiana, more popularly known as the Kakadu plum, and it grows in the Kakadu and the Kimberleys.

Gubinge, the Kimberley version has tested higher than the Kakadu version for Vitamin C. In the Kimberleys, where it is known as Gubinge, they are not irrigating or cultivating using typical commercial horticultural techniques, which a number of operations up in the Northern Territory are doing. Essentially, those precious vital phytonutrients (the antioxidants within plants) are there to make the plant itself stronger. They do the same for the plant as they do for us, so if you pamper the plant too much, it doesn't need them anymore! If that plant is in its natural environment and there's a certain level of environmental stress present, that makes the plant stronger, so you get these higher levels of antioxidants.

The Gubinge Powder that we produce and market under the Nyul Nyul brand is a raw whole food and in terms of the nutritional aspects, it's one of the only high Vitamin C products on the market that literally is a whole food. A whole food that just happens to have 13% Vitamin C. To make it we simply take the whole frozen fruit, dehydrate it at 40ºC for 16 hours and then mill it into a powder, so in essence all we have done is take away the water: everything else is there in the powder.

The thing about it being a whole food is that nature packages these things in such a manner that they can easily be absorbed; Vitamin C is one important phytonutrient, but like most things, for that to be absorbed into the system, there are a couple of other things that the body really needs to be able to properly utilise it. Those other things are also important and carry out functions, but in our Western approach we tend to reduce things; there is in fact awhole, so in terms of a supplement it's amazing. It's packaged with everything; not only is it the highest natural source of Vitamin C, but it also includes everything else your body needs to assimilate the Vitamin C. All the synthetic Vitamin C supplements and extracts, they're going to be a lot cheaper in terms of milligram for milligram of Vitamin C. In terms of overall effectiveness however...they're incomparable. Two different worlds.