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  • Produced by: Unique Water
  • Country of origin: Australia
  • May contain non-organic ingredients
  • Suitable for gluten free diets
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • GMO-free, BPA-free and not tested on animals
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Clinically proven with astounding results
as shown on Today Tonight 14-Sep-2011 (click here to watch)
FREE delivery of unlimited quantities of boxes of Unique Water are available for immediate shipping to suburbs of Sydney, Australia. 

The latest clinical trials results:
Water Clinical Trials
2. Medical Media Releases
3. BioMed Central
4. British Journal of Nutrition (2009) 101:1195-1199 - identification of the 'best drinking water'.

A refreshing water with a delicious clean taste. 

Unique Water is an alkaline still mineralised spring water from Mangrove Mountain with Magnesium Carbonate.
To make the water more alkaline and therapeutic for our health, the pH has been increased to between 8.3-8.6 by adding magnesium bicarbonate through a special patented process researched and developed for over 20 years in Australia - Now Clinically Proven. This also gives it a uniquely smooth and refreshing taste.
Why drink Unique Water?
The consumption of appropriate bicarbonates is linked to neutralising acids in the human body. It is known that all oxidation reactions are stronger in acidic conditions e.g. inflammation in the form of arthritis. Consuming the appropriate bicarbonate may decrease day-to-day bone loss (resorption), increasing the rate of bone formation, and possibly slow the natural decline in muscle and tissue wasting that occurs with ageing. Unique Water has been linked to overall good health.
Unique Water Mineral Analysis:
Bicarbonate ions     650 mg/L
Magnesium ions     125 mg/L
Sodium                  < 5.0 mg/L
Potassium             0.2 mg/L
Calcium                 0.1 mg/L
pH                         8.3 to 8.6
Common Questions:
Is there any Fluoride in Unique Water? No added Fluoride, just natural Spring Water from Mother Nature!
Usage: recommended daily enjoyment of at least 600ml per day. You can enjoy 2L if you like!
We consume the full recommended daily intake of water of at least 2L by only drinking Unique Water. It is the only water we drink and absolutely love the taste. It is water, just a much more beneficial water and clinically proven.
Does it expire?
Best Before dates are 2 years from the time of bottling.
Like for all water and food, exposure to heat and sunlight will change the composition.
Store: Best to store in a cool, dark cupboard away from direct sunlight.
Can I boil Unique Water?
Boiling all types of water will change the pH of the water, though will not generate any adverse effects.
The difference is that Unique Water is a healthier water with no added Fluoride.
So we at Organic Buyers Group do prefer to use Unique Water for hot drinks and dishes, as it is a premium water base to use compared to tap and filtered water that still contains Fluoride. We enjoy a healthier hot cup of tea, coffee or soup, cook pasta and other hot dishes with Unique Water.
(All information confirmed with Unique Water)

More about the science behind Unique Water...
The human body is composed of organ systems. One of the main tenets of modern mainstream science is that organs do not age and fail because they are designed to age and fail. Organs age and fail because their component cells fail to recover from cell injury and subsequently die. Cells in body organs fail to recover from injury because they lose their capacity to respond and adapt to the changing thermodynamic conditions surrounding them.
Unique Water is safe to drink and complies with Food Standards Australia New Zealand’s regulations for drinking water. It complies with federal and state governments' food safety standards. It is not intended for therapeutic use, though clinical trials have indicated good health benefits by drinking Unique Water.
Unique Water contains magnesium and bicarbonate ions. People have been consuming water containing magnesium and bicarbonate ions since the dawn of time.
Modern science has demonstrated repeatedly that there are some species of animals in nature that maintain healthy lives for extraordinary long periods of time. Many of these animals show little, if any, signs of ageing. They may be potentially immortal in particular the references by Finch CE (1990), and by Ricklefs RE and Finch CE (1995)). It is now considered that these animals have evolved ways of efficiently eliminating carbon dioxide and acid concentrations from their bodies. It appears that excess carbon dioxide and acid concentrations in body cells are necessary and sufficient factors in ageing.
Modern medical research also has shown repeatedly that some communities of people live longer, more active lives than others. It is now considered that the lifestyles of these people, and the environments in which they live are factors which may help to prevent excess carbon dioxide and acid concentrations from contributing to cell death, organ injury and ageing.
From the perspective of real health care, it is important to minimise the damaging effects of excess carbon dioxide and acid concentrations in the human body. In effect, minimising the damaging effects of excess carbon dioxide and acid concentrations is ideal for maintaining an active body and lifestyle.
Furthermore, it is known that all oxidation reactions are stronger in acidic conditions. In some theories of ageing, oxidation reactions in the body initiated by oxygen radicals are regarded as crucial to ageing. The elimination of excess carbon dioxide and acid concentrations in the body diminishes the strength of damaging oxidation reactions in the body.
With the minimisation of excess carbon dioxide and acid concentrations, our hypothesis is that processes involved in cell death are decreased, and the ageing process is slowed. That is, an energetic life can be maintained. An ethical and intelligent solution may have been found to the physical risks and the mental anguish of old age. The hypothesis of the makers of Unique Water is that the first successful step has been achieved in the quest to delay the ageing process.
It's the only water we drink here
at Organic Buyers Group HQ!