Rosehip Hibiscus Biodynamic Organic Fairtrade Tea(30g,20sachets)


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  • Produced by: Hampstead Teas
  • Country of origin: United Kingdom
  • Certified organic (Demeter), Certified biodynamic (Demeter), Fairtrade
  • Suitable for gluten free diets
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • GMO-free, BPA-free and not tested on animals
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This garnet-coloured lively and fruity tea is full of vitamin C to lift the immune system and fight drowsiness. Try it iced or as a cocktail mixer.

Naturally caffeine free.

How to use:
The clear lively flavours of our herbal infusions are best brought out by brewing with freshly boiled, good quality water.

Hot -
1. Place 1 tea bag per person in a teapot or infuser.
2. Fill with boiled water with a temperature of between 85-90
3. Allow to infuse for up to 5 minutes untill desired strength is reached.
4. Add
honey to sweeten if you like. Enjoy!

Cold: Iced Tea (2 cups)
Brew 2 tea bags or teaspoons of loose leaf tea in 1 cup of boiled water between
2. Add 2 cups of chilled water.
Add honey to sweeten if you like. Enjoy!

Revitalising - Rosehip Hibiscus Blend Tea (30g, 20 sachets) - Certified Biodynamic, Organic and Fairtrade.

Ingredients: Biodynamic, Organic Fairtrade hibiscus and rosehip.

Store: In an air tight container in a cool, dry, dark cupboard away from direct sunlight.

Origin: United Kingdom from local and imported ingredients.
Certified Demeter Biodynamics, Fairtrade.

About Hampstead:
The world has been enjoying tea for more than 5,000 years. But only since 1995 has biodynamic, Fairtrade certified tea been available. That year in Hampstead, a famous London hillside village known as a breeding ground for progressive ideas, Hampstead Tea started to package special teas from a special place.

The Makaibari tea estate in India's Darjeeling province is the world's first certified biodynamic estate and the last owner-managed estate in the district. Here, 66% of the acreage is undisturbed rainforest where tea grows in harmony with the area's natural ecological system. All our black green and white teas are made especially at Makaibari for our discerning customers who appreciate the special taste and quality of our teas. Our herbal teas also come from biodynamic growers and are renowned for their clear jewel like liquors and unique health giving properties.

All of our teas are certified Demeter, which is the highest standard for sustainable agriculture. It is often called "organic plus" as this method includes proactive farming techniques such as herbal soil preparations, rigorous composting systems, and alignment with a planetary calendar. Makaibari tea estate was the first biodynamic tea estate in the world and has pioneered biodynamic farming- with innovative use indigenous plants and insect life to create a self sustaining farm for all to benefit from.

We like to do our part to help those who make it possible for us to enjoy such wonderful tea. We were the first 100% Fairtrade tea range way back in 1995 and have stayed that way. Fair-trading ensures that a portion of the money from every kilogram of tea goes directly to the farming communities to fund social development programmes. These include village-electrification, education initiatives and medical care facilities. At our partner Makaibari estate for example, the disbursement decisions are taken by a joint body formed mainly by women workers empowered to represent their villages.