Crispbread Onion Gluten Free Le Pain Certified Organic (125g)


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  • Produced by: Le Pain Des Fleurs
  • Country of origin: France
  • Certified organic (Agriculture Biologique)
  • Suitable for gluten free diets
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • GMO-free, BPA-free and not tested on animals
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A lovely onion flavour, great on its own.
A range of gluten-free organic crispbreads made without eggs, fat, flavourings, dairy products or yeast.
Fine and lightly toasted, they have an unrivalled crunchy texture.
Tartines Craquantes (Crispbreads) from Le Pain des Fleurs are a precious asset to a gluten-free diet, or for anyone wanting to limit their daily gluten intake.
Le Pain des Fleurs = French for "The Bread of Flowers".

Ingredients of all Certified Crispbreads from Le Pain des Fleurs:
Black Rice: No Added Sugar. The natural pigments in the black rice give this crispbread a dark purple hue.
Ingredients: Wholemeal Black Rice Flour* (99.5%), Sea Salt.
Buckwheat: Authentic buckwheat flavour, a source of fibre, iron and magnesium. (Sugar and salt-free version also available).
Ingredients: Buckwheat Flour*(97%), Whole Cane Sugar*and Sea Salt (<1%).

Buckwheat - no added sugar or salt : Authentic buckwheat flavour, a source of fibre, iron and magnesium.
Ingredients: Buckwheat Flour*.
Chestnut: Rich in chestnuts, a full, soft, fruity, naturally sweet chestnut flavour with no need to add sugar. A top bestseller!
Ingredients: Rice Flour*, Chestnut Flour* (30%) and Sea Salt (<1%).
Green Lentils: 18% Protein. Combining green lentils and rice, this crispbread is a source of balanced and complementary proteins.
Ingredients: Green Lentils Flour* (50%), Semi-Whole Rice Flour* Of France, Sea Salt.
Multigrain: Rice, buckwheat and millet - a good diverse source of protein and nutrients. No added sugar. A source of fibre and magnesium.
Ingredients: Brown Rice Flour* (59.7%), Buckwheat Flour* (25%), Millet Flour* (15%), Sea Salt (<1%).

Onion: The addition of onion powder ups the flavour profile of this rice and corn crispbread. No added sugars.
Great to eat on their own or with your favourite dip, we recommend to try it with French Onion dip.
Ingredients: Corn Flour* (53,7%), Rice Flour* (38%), Onion Powder* (6,3%), Sea Salt.
Quinoa: Rich in quinoa (40%), semi-brown rice, a source of fibre and iron. Fair Trade Quinoa for sustainability. Enjoy quinoa's natural slight nutty flavour.
Ingredients: Brown Rice Flour*, Quinoa Flour*/** (40%), Whole Cane Sugar* (<2%) and Sea Salt.
**production chain 100% organic and fair trade, bolivian Altiplano origine.
Tigernut: Tigernut is an ancient superfood originating from Africa. It's a tuber, not a nut, but it does have a nutty taste and is a source of resistant starch.
These crispbreads have no added sugar, and are a source of fibre and iron.
Ingredients: Rice Flour*, Tigernut Flour* (25%), Sea Salt (<1%).

Origin: This range is designed, developed and produced in France.

Did you know?
Le Pain des Fleurs is a member of AFDIAG (the French association for gluten intolerance). Le Pain des Fleurs crispbreads comply with the maximum permitted gluten content of 20 ppm (parts per million) in the end product. Raw materials and end products are regularly analysed to check for gluten.