Coco Quench Coconut Rice Milk Pureharvest Certified Organic (1L)


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  • Produced by: Pureharvest
  • Country of origin: Australia
  • Certified organic (ACO)
  • Suitable for gluten free diets
  • Suitable for vegans and all types of vegetarians
  • GMO-free, BPA-free and not tested on animals
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Organic Coconut and Rice milk = 100% natural, organic, refreshing and absolutely yum!

Pureharvest's Certified Organic Coco Quench Coconut Rice Milk includes the health benefits of brown rice and coconuts with a smooth rich taste that is perfect for breakfast cereals and cooking.

The combination of coconut milk and rice milk in Coco Quench gives it a healthier nutritional profile than when they stand alone.

The fats from the coconut complement the sweetness and sugars found in rice milk, while the complex carbohydrates in brown rice reduce the richness and high fat that is typical of coconut milk.

As a result Coco Quench is a finely balanced drink with a full bodied, flavoursome taste.

Cane Sugar Free
Dairy Free
Lactose Free
Cholesterol Free
Soy Free
Egg Free
Nut Free
Yeast Free
Wheat Free
Gluten Free
Vegan, Vegetarian
No Artificial Colours
No Artificial Flavours
GMO Free
Australian Made
Australian Owned.

Certified Organic Coco Quench Coconut Rice Milk Drink - Dairy and Gluten Free (1L) by Pureharvest

Coco Quench continues Pureharvest’s proud history of introducing non-dairy milks to the Australian market. As the first company to make locally made whole soy milk available in 1987, and the first to introduce rice milk, oat milk, and almond milk, Pureharvest is pleased to again lead in offering local consumers more healthy food options.

How to enjoy:
- Children and adults: Coco Quench is an excellent drink for young children and for the rest of us.
- Low fat alternative to pure coconut milk: It is a great alternative for recipes which don’t require the full richness of straight coconut milk, and is a healthy option for people looking to reduce their saturated fat intake.
- Pour it over your cereal
- Chill and enjoy it by the glass.
- Warm as a hot chocolate.
- Excellent added to tea or coffee
- Delicious in smoothies, desserts, summer cocktails and vegetable-based dishes.
- Add
berries, spirulina, bananas, mesquite, maca, lucuma or cacao, carob powders!

Filtered water, certified organic coconut milk (20%), certified organic brown rice, certified organic sunflower oil, sea salt, organic guar gum.

Unopened - In a cool dark cupboard away from direct sunlight, shelf stable packaging.
Opened - Keep in the refrigerator and consume within 7 days.

Origin: Australia from local and imported ingredients
Certification: ACO (Australian Certified Organic), Parve (Kosher).

Nutritional Information:
Net Weight:     1L
Servings Per Package: 4
Serving Size: 250g
                                    Per          Per
                                    Serving    100g
Energy:                         655kj      262kj
Protein:                         1.4g        0.6g
Fat (Total):                     8.1g       3.2g
Fat (Saturated):              5.8g       2.3g
Carbohydrates (Total):    19.5g      7.8g
Carbohydrates (Sugars): 9.5g        3.8g
Sodium:                        138mg    55.2mg