BioSnacky Glass Sprouter Germinator A.Vogel Raw Sprouts (650ml)


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  • Produced by: A.Vogel
  • Country of origin: France
  • May contain non-organic ingredients
  • Suitable for vegans
  • GMO-free, BPA-free and not tested on animals
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Turn your kitchen into a greenhouse! No soil or sowing, no refrigeration required if eaten within the first few days of full sprouting - just add water! Sprouted this
way with love for thousands of years..

Now with a handy BioSnacky Glass Jar Seed Sprouter
Have fun watching the shoots grow in the comfort of your own kitchen. You can harvest them in a matter of 2-3 days sprouting organic beans, legumes, seeds, rice and grains.

Our favourites - chickpeas, lentils, mung beans (high protein), wheat, fenugreek and many more with delicious results.

Raw Sprouts - MORE nutrition - Superfood health with hydration.
Easy to digest. No more standing over the stove waiting for your legumes and grains to cook, whilst destroying the nutrients with heat.

Sprouts and seedlings are natural nourishment in its original unchanged form. BioSnacky shoots and sprouts contain unique concentrations of valuable enzymes, proteins, mineral substances, trace elements and natural vitamins.

High in fibre that are beneficial to the intestines to regulate the digestive process.

Discover: how quick and easy it is to cultivate your own fresh and crunchy shoots and sprouts using an Original BioSnacky Glass Sprouter Germinator and beans, legumes, seeds, rice and grains from organically controlled crops. 

Enjoy: Raw sprouts, seedlings and shoots are the perfect accompaniment to a well-balanced diet at any time of the year and are a great source of vitamins and minerals.

- travelling or
- camping for some fresh vegies without the need for refrigeration.
Time your BioSnacky Glass Sprouter Germinator with different sprouts for each day.

What better way to look after your health and at the same time protect the environment and its natural resources!

BioSnacky Glass Sprouter Germinator (650ml , glass) by A.Vogel for raw, nutritious, organic sprouts or seedlings.

Good to Know:
- Eco-friendly glass
- A simple germinating jar for first time cultivators
- Easy to use
- Simple to clean
- Dishwasher-safe to a temperature of approximately 85°C (including sieve lid)
- Optimum light incidence ensure perfect conditions for growth
- Perfect for one.

Uses: Throw some raw sprouts seedlings into any dish. Use your shoots and sprouts on:
- bread
- crunchy salads
- pureed into a dip e.g. hummus with Sprouted Chickpeas - no more standing over the stove waiting for it to cook!
- fry gently in olive oil when preparing tasty casseroles, pancakes, omelette or rissoles
- add to soups, muesli, pasta, rice, vegetables, fish and meat dishes.

What is Sprouting?
1. Soaking - first 12 hours breaks down growth inhibitors and releases enzymes.
2. Activation - next 24 hours of rinsing and moisture, activates enzymes so it is ready for germination.
Result = Enzyme active seed.
3. Sprouting/Germination - the next 12 hours of rinsing and moisture will see a sprout start to grow.
4. Enjoy - thereafter just 2-3 days after the initial soaking step. Sprout till keep growing, eat anytime, and put in the fridge once sprout is 1cm long, or eat straight away.

Type of Seeds:
No hull = no germination.
So only use unhulled whole beans, legumes, seeds and grains. Most are unhulled unless noted as hulled.
We have tested: Chickpeas, lentils, mung beans, wheat, fenugreek and many more with delicious results.

Directions for Use and Getting Started:
1. Soaking - first 5-12hours.
- Rinse glass jar, lid and desired seeds thoroughly under cold running purified water.
- Place the required amount of seeds as per packet instructions (different seeds require different quantities) in the glass sprouter and cover with cold water.
- Allow seeds to soak for required time (Refer to the seed table in box for details).

2. Rinsing and activation.
- Turn the glass sprouter upside down emptying all water from the sprouter.
- Rinse the seeds with fresh cold purified water and empty immediately.
- Remove the lid and rinse the lid separately with fresh cold purified water.
- The more thoroughly you rinse the sprouter and seeds, the more you will improve conditions for growth of the shoots and sprouts.
- After rinsing, replace the sieve lid and tilt the sprouter upside down using the stand to angle the sprouter to ensure that all the water can drain away.
- It is best to place the sprouter in a shallow bowl or similar object for a stable upside down or angled position.

3. Placement.
- Place your Glass Sprouter in a warm (18-22° C), light position away from direct sunlight.

4. Growing - next 24-36 hours
- Rinse your seedlings 1-2 times per day (Refer to the seed table below for details).
- Gently agitate the seedlings in the Glass Sprouter Germinator regularly in order to separate them.
- Avoid the build up of too much water or moisture.

5. Harvesting.
- Your live shoots and sprouts are ready for harvesting within 2-5 days
- Herbage plants like Alfalfa - will be ready in 6-8 days (Refer to the seed table below for details).

6. After harvesting - clean your BioSnacky Glass Sprouter Germinator thoroughly with a mixture of water and vinegar and allow to dry naturally. Both the jar and sieve lid are dishwasher safe (up to 85°C).

Manufactured: France by Bioforce Production S.Ã .r.l. F-68015 Colmar.

What you get - The BioSnacky Glass Sprouter comprises of:
1. 1x Glass Sprouting Jar - Size: 9cm x 14 cm holds 650mL
2. 1x twist off sieve lid with stand
3. 1x pack of beans to start sprouting straight away
4. 1x Herbamare Original Seasoning sachet
5. 1x Bambu Herbal Coffee substitute sachet
6. 1x Set of Instructions and Sprouting Chart of various beans, legumes, seeds and grains.