Four Sigmatic Lions Mane Mushroom Elixir Mix Organic (1x3g)


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  • Produced by: Four Sigmatic
  • Country of origin: United States
  • Certified organic (USDA)
  • Suitable for gluten free diets
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • GMO-free, BPA-free and not tested on animals
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Go Limitless with Lion's Mane. Start your day right!
Four Sigmatic Organic Elixir Mix with Lion's Mane to Focus and Sharpen Your Memory.
  • All-natural brain booster
  • Improve memory
  • Boost creativity
  • Help concentration
  • Perfect at work, to study or to support the nervous system.
Drink in mornings or early afternoons for memory, focus and concentration support. Double dose during bouts of brain fog.
This delicious elixir mix is all about your focus and brain power. If you are studying, work long hours at a desk or struggle to concentrate this is for you.
With both short-term and long-term benefits, our dual-extracted lion’s mane extract not only supports memory and concentration, but also supports cognitive function and the nervous system. What does it taste like? It is more or less herbal and earthy tasting, with some slight bitterness.  
Four Sigmatic Lion's Mane Mushroom Elixir Mix is an all-natural brain booster, a nootropic, with no side effects.
Lion's Mane mushroom has been shown to improve memory, boost creativity and help with concentration by activating the nervous system and brain.
This mix also contains organic rhodiola extract, organic rosehips providing 18mg of vitamin C per sachet, mint for taste and organic stevia.
  • Dairy Free
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Non-GMO.
We run each coffee batch through a third-party laboratory to ensure the absence of mycotoxins. As with all of our products, we source the highest quality ingredients.
Certified Organic Mushroom Mix with Lion's Mane (1x 3g) by Four Sigmatic
How to enjoy:
- Mix with 200-250mL in hot or cold water. Add a natural sweetener and milk of choice, if preferred. Blend in coconut oil or ghee for a creamier texture
- You can also mix into coffee, tea, or smoothies!
- Add to baking or cooking.
- Drink in mornings or early afternoons for memory, focus and concentration support.
- Start with one packet per day. Double dose during bouts of brain fog.
- Only 5 calories per serving!
Ingredients: Organic Lion's Mane Extract (50%), Organic Field Mint Extract, Organic Rose Hips Extract, Organic Rhodiola Extract, Organic Stevia Extract.

Store: Sealed airtight in a dry, dark cupboard away from direct sunlight.

Origin: USA
Certification: USDA.