Extra Virgin Olive Oil Toscana Cold Pressed Cert. Org.(500ml)


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  • Best Before (not an expiry date): 30-Aug-2020
  • Produced by: Toscana Olives
  • Country of origin: Australia
  • Certified organic (NASAA)
  • Suitable for gluten free diets
  • Suitable for vegans and all types of vegetarians
  • GMO-free, BPA-free and not tested on animals
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The most popular due to milder tones, low bitterness, thought still fruity.
Compared to the the Grampians Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Toscana is more fruity and perfect for drizzling, cooking and fuller flavour dishes.
Our Signature oil is a unique early harvest style with fruity, herbaceous flavours and a subtle peppery finish.
Cold pressed from olive varieties including the rare Bouqettier, Mission and Verdale, this organic oil is unfiltered, unrefined and lovingly hand-bottled in small batches.
Our heritage trees rely solely on natural rainfall and once picked, olives are cold pressed immediately producing a low yield of ultra-premium organic olive oil – beautifully concentrated in flavour.

Existing customers will note this oil was previously labelled as Toscana premium organic.

Free fatty acidity is exceptionally low at ≤0.2%. Thiis oil won the Ken Jasper Trophy for the best oil from heritage trees at the 2014 Australian Golden Olive Awards.
Toscana Olives - Silver Medal winner for the 2010 Royal Melbourne Show (RASV Fine Food Awards) - for the 2010 Harvest NASAA Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the Single Estate Grown - Medium category.

From one of Australia's oldest plantations, since 1943.

Drizzle over pastas, stir fries, roasted vegetables, salads and wood fired pizzas before serving,
Make your own garlic bread, rub over bruschetta.
Saute with mushrooms and spinach.
Brush meats and seafood before roasting, grilling and barbequing.

Unfiltered, bottled then enjoyed!
To give you the best quality, Toscana do not filter the olive oil. This is because filtering causes flavour loss. Instead, the oil is allowed to cold gravity settle naturally in stainless steel tanks. From here it is bottled and finds it way straight to your kitchen.

Being single estate produced, the olives are pressed on site within hours of being picked. At Toscana, they grow and produce just one 'type' of olive oil - the best. When it comes to your health, quality cannot be compromised.

The oil is GMO free, 100% pure, unfiltered and high in antioxidants.

Toscana Premium Certified Organic Signature Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Cold Pressed (500ml,glass)

Ingredients: 100% pure Certified Organic Australian extra virgin olive oil. Unfiltered to retain natural flavour.

Store: In a cool, dry cupboard away from direct sunlight.

Origin: Grampians, Victoria, Australia
(home of Grampian's Olive Estate and Toscana Olives)
Certification: NASAA, IFOAM, JAS, USDA, AQIS

Olive grove: From one of Australia's oldest plantations, since 1943, the olive oil you've been looking for. Long expiry, this year's fresh harvest. Sealed and stored immediately for maximum freshness.

Single estate grown and produced:
What's their secret? Their family has a passion for quality. They grow their own olives and press their own olives. They maintain control over the whole process, so you can be sure what's grown in their grove is what gets to your kitchen table.

The unique mix of rare varieties, the right climate and the age of their trees is what creates the (unreplicable) quality and flavour of our oil today. The Toscana Olive Plantation was planted in 1943 in the foothills of the Grampians range, making it one of the oldest in Australia. Their trees are comprised of 27 traditional and now rare varieties including Verdale, Boquettier, Mission and the wild olive.

Precious water is conserved by forcing the trees to fight for survival, relying solely on natural rainfall. This is better for their oil too - this is what achieves the beautifully concentrated, excellent olive oil they are known for.

Certified Organic - your guarantee:
NASAA organic certification is your assurance that their olives are grown and processed the way nature intended and are free of toxic chemicals that could damage your health. Unfortunately, the word 'organic' can be too easily used without authenticity, so always look for certified organic produce.

Toscana Olives has been decorated with numerous awards since establishment in 1943. More recently, these include:
  • SILVER Medal at the 2010 Royal Melbourne Show (RASV Fine Food Awards) for the 2010 Harvest NASAA Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the Single Estate Grown - Medium category.
  • BRONZE Medal at the 2009 Royal Melbourne Show (RASV Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards) awarded to Toscana Olives Medium (Verdale, Mission, Benito)
  • SILVER Medal at the 2008 Royal Sydney Show  (Sydney Royal Fine Food Show)  awarded to Toscana Olives  Commercial Class
  • SILVER award, 2003 Harvest Picnic Foundation Toscana NASAA Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.