Spelt Farro Wholemeal Spaghetti Ecor Certified Organic (500g)


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  • Best Before (not an expiry date): 27-Mar-2018
  • Produced by: Ecor
  • Country of origin: Italy
  • Certified organic (Agricoltura Italia)
  • Not suitable for gluten free diets
  • Suitable for vegans and all types of vegetarians
  • GMO-free, BPA-free and not tested on animals
  • Product code: F02947
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Authentic Farro pasta = real Italian "triticum dicoccum" semolina = farro or also known emmer.
Not "triticum spelt" which is also known as spelt. Triticum dicoccum and triticum spelta are different species.
This farro pasta is also described as spelt to help recognise its similar flavour to its cousin spelt.
Super delicious! Organic and preservative free.
Ecor is Italy’s leading brand of organic and biodynamic food products. The Ecor range is completely organic and contains only non-hydrogenated, cholesterol free fats.
The Ecor pasta products include Organic White pasta, kamut wholemeal pasta, kamut pasta, wholemeal pasta and wholemeal spelt pasta.

Certified Organic Wholemeal Farro (Spelt) Spaghetti (1kg) by Ecor Organics

Ingredients: Italian farro emmer "triticum dicoccum" semolina , water.

Origin: Italy
Certification: Agricultura Biologica