Coconut Teriyaki Sauce Cocomino Niulife Certified Organic(250mL)


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  • Best Before (not an expiry date): 11-Apr-2021
  • Produced by: Niulife
  • Country of origin: Philippines
  • Certified organic (NASAA), Fairtrade
  • Suitable for gluten free diets
  • Suitable for vegans and all types of vegetarians
  • GMO-free, BPA-free and not tested on animals
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This delicious gourmet sauce is an authentic soy-free alternative to a traditional teriyaki.
It's handmade from barrel-aged fermented coconut blossom nectar by a small community project that supports the empowerment of women living in remote coastal villages.
A nutritional Superfood!
- No MSG
- Preservative Free
- 100% Certified Organic
- Non-GMO (genetically modified organism)
- Unrefined
- All natural
- Gluten Free
- Grain Free
- Nut Free
- Dairy Free
- Vegan
- Fairtrade.

Splash onto grilled chicken, add to stir-fries or salad dressings for a three part harmony of salty, sweet and sour.

A healthy alternative to Soy Sauce with 30% less Sodium and no natural or added MSG.

Niulife Coconut Amino Sauce contains 17 amino acids - super nutritious.

Handmade from small batches of freshly harvested coconut blossom nectar.

What does it taste like?
Slightly sweeter than tamari or shoyu soy sauces, similar viscosity and colour, with a slight mild tang. You will love it!

A non-soy seasoning - great for salads, dressings, soups, vegetables, rice and beans, wok and stir-fries, meat, fish and sauces.

Coconut Nectar Syrup Products:
Nectar tapped from the coconut blossom is naturally sweet, low glycaemic, nutrient rich, containing 17 amino acids, minerals, vitamin C, broad-spectrum B vitamins, and has a nearly neutral PH.

Certified Organic Fairtrade Cocomino - Coconut Teriyaki Sauce (250ml) by Niulife = a non-MSG Soy sauce substitute.

Ingredients: Certified Organic: Fermented coconut nectar, Garlic, Ginger, Onion, Cayenne pepper & Sun-dried mineral-rich sea salt.

ALLERGEN ADVICE: Made in a facility free of nuts, soy, gluten & dairy.
Store: In an airtight container, in a cool dark cupboard.

Origin: Philippines, packed in Australia.
Certification: NASAA

Nutritional information:
All quantities are averages. Contains 50 Serves:

        Per 1 tsp 5ml Serve   Per 100ml
Energy            42kj            840Kj
Protein            0.05g          1.0g
Fat, Total         0g               0.0g
- Saturated      0g               0.0g
Carbohydrate  2.3g            47g
Sugars            2.0g            40g
Sodium           93mg         1867mg