Goodnight Nightcap Certified Biodynamic Organic (750ml,glass)


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  • Produced by: Lloyd's Vineyards
  • Country of origin: Australia
  • Certified organic (ACO)
  • Not suitable for gluten free diets
  • Suitable for vegans and all types of vegetarians
  • GMO-free, BPA-free and not tested on animals
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Soothing and Caffeine Free - Grape Juice, Lemon, Cloves, Aniseed, Cinnamon, Valerian, Chamomile, Fennel, Strawberry, Clover, Chicory, Dandelion, Bay, Thyme, Rosemary.

Lloyd's Certified Biodynamic and Organic Goodnight Nightcap - Traditional European Style Nightcap (750ml, glass) - Made in Australia!
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By Lloyd's Certified Biodynamic and Organic Vineyards - producer of the world's largest variety of pure certified biodynamic grape juices.

Tired Of Not Being Able To Sleep?
Here is a wonderful night cap with the therapeutic and relaxing benefits of age-old, traditional herbs and spices, and soothing grape juice. A warm drink to help us relax. Easy to digest in 15 minutes in time for bedtime.

• Fresh Pressed Single Strength - not from concentrate or reconstituted juice - made from fresh, ripe, quality fruit, processed and packaged immediately
• Every 750ml bottle of Lloyd's 100% Pure Grape Juice is equivalent to 1.2kg of fresh grapes
• No preservatives, artificial additives, colourings or flavourings
• Minimal Processing - low temperatures of pasteurisation retains more nutritious enzymes
• Sulphite Free - sulphites cause dehydration, irritability, headaches and an inconsistent sleep pattern
• Caffeine Free
• 100+year old grape vines - full flavour, require minimal hand pruning to maintain the quality of the vines for future harvests
• Hand harvested at the ripest stage for maximum flavour
• 100% Australian
• Certified Biodynamic and Organic.

Grape Juice - The Beneficial Nightcap:
Grape Juice has long been reputed as being a beneficial “nightcap” especially for those suffering from insomnia as it passes through the alimentary tract in approximately 15 minutes and no digestive disturbance ensues. It also has a soothing and quietening effect on the nervous system and induces restful relaxation of all the vital organs.

A Natural Combination of Organic Grape Juice, Herbs and Spices:
The balance of selected herbs and spices which include cloves, aniseed, cinnamon, valerian, lemon, chamomile, fennel, strawberry clover, dandelion, chicory, bay, thyme and rosemary combined with a non-alcoholic organic grape juice base not only has the wonderful ability to induce sleep when diluted with 30% hot water and consumed upon retiring but is extremely nutritious and delicious.

How to drink: Lloyd's Goodnight Nightcap can be consumed at any time of the day.
Hot: Dilute with 30% hot water for a warm, relaxing nightcap and drink one hour before bedtime.
Cold: Dilute in up to 50% cool or cold water (still or sparkling) and/or poured over crushed ice for a delicious thirst quenching drink.
Add: as a great compliment to any meal as an alternative to wine and can be used in dishes where wine is required for a delicious sweet and spicy flavour.

Servings: 5 servings per bottle 750ml. Average serve is 150ml.
Lloyd's grapes are harvested at their ripest stage and therefore the juices can stand diluting with up to 50% water or mineral water. This makes our juices very economical when compared to the cost of purchasing fresh certified biodynamic grapes in season and convenient given that they are available all year round.
So Try Goodnight Nightcap For A Goodnight Tonight!

Ingredients: Certified Biodynamic Grape Juice, Lemon, Cloves, Aniseed, Cinnamon, Valerian, Chamomile, Fennel, Strawberry, Clover, Chicory, Dandelion, Bay, Thyme, Rosemary.

Origin: Murray Valley, Northern Victoria, Australia
Certification: ACO (Australian Certified Organic), ACB (Australian Certified Biodynamic).

Nutritional information:
Suggested Serving Size: 150ml (undiluted)
Av. Quantity Per
100 (ml)
- Total
- Saturated
- Total
- Sugars

More on Lloyd's Vineyard:
Lloyd's Vineyard is a family owned and operated business entering into it's fifth generation and is currently managed by Darren Lloyd and his wife Vicki.

The vineyards produce 15 varieties of grapes, both for juicing and table and a variety of stone fruit as well.

Situated at Nyah, in the Murray Valley region of Northern Victoria, it is the only certified bio-dynamic vineyard in the region producing the World's Largest Variety of Pure Certified Bio-dynamic Grape Juices, as well as apricot, peach and prune juices, "goodnight" nightcap and wine vinegar.

The three vineyards, totalling 60 acres at present are farmed according to biodynamic standards of organic agriculture and are certified with Australian Certified Organic (A.C.O). Lloyd's juices are distributed throughout Australia through all good health food outlets, and are also exported to New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia.

Biodynamics - A Natural Progression:
Organic farming techniques had always been common practice on the vineyards. Ian had never considered embracing the chemical farming evolution. He could see the long term effects it placed on the environment and human health, and therefore was determined to continue with his organic principals, despite the criticism he endured.

In the early 1970's Ian studied the bio-dynamic methods of agriculture in depth, and was convinced that the holistic approach and methods involved were necessary for optimal soil and plant health and wellbeing, and ultimately the health of the consumer.

Ian became registered with Demeter in the mid 1970's and then later with the Biological Farmers of Australia at the time of its inception in the early 1990's. Ian Lloyd's youngest son, Darren continues to farm according to the bio-dynamic principles. The vineyards produce 15 varieties of grapes, both for juicing and table and a variety of stone fruit as well.

Grape Juice - The Obvious Choice:
With Ian's untiring passion with biodynamics and health, he could see a definite market for a completely unadulterated grape juice, to help those who were on grape cures and grape fasts to continue on when the availability of fresh chemical free grapes were inconsistent or completely unavailable. Violet made the very first experimental batch of pure grape juice in her kitchen, and from there Ian set about building a factory including bottling facilities to make commercial quantities of the product. In 1977, the very first season of Lloyd's Pure Grape Juice was produced and after selling out within the first three months, Ian could see that the premises had to expand and he built a second processing facility along side the first. Almost 30 years on Lloyd's Vineyard continues to be the World's Largest producer of Certified Bio-dynamic Grape Juices in 10 varieties.

All Lloyd's products are produced with purity in mind. All the products are made with certified biodynamic or organic fruit. No preservatives, colourings, flavourings, additives or aids to manufacture are used.

Certification of Bio-Dynamic growers and processors is carried out in Australia by the Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA). The BFA is accredited by the Australian Federal Government and is a member of IFOAM, the world organic body.