Good Green Stuff Superfood Powder 30 serves NuZest (300g)


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  • Produced by: Nuzest
  • Country of origin: New Zealand
  • May contain non-organic ingredients
  • Suitable for gluten free diets
  • Suitable for vegans and all types of vegetarians
  • GMO-free, BPA-free and not tested on animals
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Nuzest Good Green Stuff is real food as nature intended. Your complete daily nutritional support in one easy serve - a potent blend of nutrient-rich and high antioxidant superfoods.
Good Green Stuff is a super-blend of nutrient-rich greens, fruits, vegetables and berries that packages all your daily nutritional needs into one great-tasting product. What’s more, it’s loaded with probiotics, digestive enzymes, herbs, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants – all the stuff that your body craves but doesn’t always get.
But what you’ll love most about Good Green Stuff is that it’s convenient to take – so you’ll easily slip into a daily Good Green Stuff routine.
A great-tasting superblend of nutrient-rich greens, fruits, vegetables and berries that helps keep the insides happy.
With over 70 ingredients, Nuzest Good Green Stuff is a superblend of all your essential nutrients in one place. It takes away the guesswork.
All You Need
Easy to Make in Just 30 Seconds
Real Food, With All The Goodness
Big on Antioxidants
A Breeze to Digest and Absorb
Supports Digestive Health, Liver & Stress
Acid-Alkaline Balance
Brilliant for Brains
Your Nutritional Boost.
Think of Good Green Stuff as a back up that covers nutritional gaps in the diet and helps counter the effects of environmental toxins, nutrient depleted soils, processed foods, fast-paced lifestyles, and meals that we all too commonly skip.
- Great for All Walks of Life
- Safe and Reliable
- Not a Nasty in Sight
- Tastes Great.
How much in 1 serve?
- Nuzest Good Green Stuff contains the antioxidant equivalent of 8 - 10 servings of fruits and vegetables in 1 serve and it’s cold blended so that enzymes and heat sensitive nutrients remain intact
- As a powder dissolved in liquid, Nuzest Good Green Stuff is easier for your body to digest and absorb than tablets and capsules. It’s also the most practical way to ensure a useful serving.
Goodness of nutrition and a cleansing alkaline pH:
- Prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes to aid digestion and ingredients to support your detox organs. Plus adaptogenic herbs to help recharge the adrenal glands and help deal with stress.
- Even tiny improvements in the acid-alkaline balance are important to your well-being. The concentration of raw green superfoods gives Good Green Stuff an alkaline pH. And, it is fortified with minerals such as calcium and potassium which your body uses to combat acidity.
- Herbs and ingredients traditionally used to support the nervous system and help keep the mind in good shape.
- Nuzest Good Green Stuff does not replace a healthy diet but it does help meet the challenges of environmental toxins, nutrient depleted soils, processed foods, fast foods, excess alcohol, fast-paced lifestyle and missed meals.
- No Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), Egg, Wheat, Gluten, Dairy, Corn, added Salt, Yeast, Peanuts or Animal Products, Lactose, Sucrose, Dextrose or other added sugars, Artificial Colours, Flavours, Preservatives or Sweeteners, Herbicides, Pesticides or Synthetic Chemicals.
Great for: athletes, mums, fussy teenagers, busy executives and older people can benefit from their daily serve of Nuzest Good Green Stuff. It is perfect for vegans and vegetarians. Suitable for allergy sufferers and coeliacs.
NuZest's Good Green Stuff (300g) - delicious!
How to enjoy:
Dissolve two heaped teaspoons into 250-300ml of non-acidic juice, your favourite non-dairy milk,or just water. You can blend in fresh fruits for a delicious smoothie.
Note - Not suitable for children under the age of 5 years. Contains Vitamin K and those taking warfarin should seek medical advice before starting consumption
Nuzest Good Green Stuff is blended in a GMP-certified facility that is registered and audited by the New Zealand Ministry of Health. Every ingredient is certified, and after blending every batch is tested for safe microbial activity, by an independent laboratory, before the batch is released.
Store: In an airtight container in a cool, dark, dry cupboard.
Origin: New Zealand from local and imported ingredients.
Ingredients: What's in Good Green Stuff?
    Acerola extract (4:1)     270 mg*
    Beetroot     170 mg
    Bilberry extract (100:1)     200 mg*
    Broccoli     250 mg
    Carrot root     85 mg
    Chlorella     335 mg
    Goji Berry extract (4:1)     35 mg*
    Hawthorn extract (10:1)     30 mg*
    Kelp Whole Plant     10 mg
    Licorice root (liquorice)     70 mg
    Organic Alfalfa     335 mg
    Organic Apple     1000 mg
    Organic Barley leaf     290 mg
    Organic Spirulina     1000 mg
    Organic Wheatgrass     335 mg
    Papaya     250 mg
    Pineapple Juice extract (9:1)     245 mg*
    Rosehips extract (4:1)     170 mg*
    Spinach leaf     70 mg
    Ashwaganda root extract (5:1)     70 mg*
    Gotu Kola extract (10:1)     70 mg*
    Lecithin (95% Phosphatides)     1000 mg
    Organic Flaxseed     335 mg
    Siberian Ginseng root & rhizome extract (10:1)     70 mg*
    Alpha Lipoic acid     75 mg
    Astragalus root extract (4:1)     70 mg*
    Beta Glucans     8.3 mg
    Citric acid     150 mg
    Citrus Bioflavonoid extract     500 mg
    Cocoa Bean polyphenol extract     70 mg
    Co-Enzyme Q10     17 mg
    Grape seed extract (120:1)     72 mg
    Green Tea leaf extract (10:1)     70 mg*
    Policosanol     5.0 mg
    Reiishi Mushroom     21 mg
    Rosemary leaf extract (4:1)     70 mg*
    Shitake Mushroom     21 mg
Notes: 1. All weights are average 2. *Extracts and concentrates are listed as equivalent values.
    Biotin     275 mcg
    Calcium carbonate (equiv Ca 40%)     83 mg
    Calcium citrate (equiv Ca 21%)     250 mg
    Calcium phosphate (equiv Ca 40% P 19%)     33 mg
    Chromium picolinate (equiv Cr 12.5%)     100 mcg
    Copper gluconate (equiv Cu 16%)     1.3 mg
    Magnesium Glycinate (equiv Mg 20%)     167 mg
    Manganese amino acid (equiv Mn 17%)     3.4 mg
    Natural Folate (5-Methyltetrahydrofolate)     333 mcg
    Potassium phosphate (equiv K 45%)     233 mg
    Pro-vitamin A (as beta-carotene)     2.0 mg
    Silica (equiv 47%)     29 mg
    Vitamin B1 (as thiamine hydrochloride)     2.3 mg
    Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin)     23 mcg
    Vitamin B2 (as riboflavine)     1.7 mg
    Vitamin B3 (as nicotinamide)     1.7 mg
    Vitamin B5 (as calcium pantothenate)     2.9 mg
    Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine hydrochloride)     2.7 mg
    Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)     350 mg
    Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopheryl)     69 mg
    Vitamin K2 (as menaquinone-7)     70 mcg
    Zinc amino acid (equiv Zn 20%)     17 mg
    Bifidobacterium Bifidum non-dairy probiotic     3.0 billion
    Bromelain     65 mg
    Burdock root extract (4:1)     21 mg*
    Dandelion whole plant extract (4:1)     33 mg*
    Ginger Rhizome     67 mg
    Globe Artichoke extract (15:1)     500mg
    Inulin     417 mg
    Lactobacillus Acidophilus non-dairy probiotic     3.0 billion
    Milk Thistle seed Extract (70:1)     70 mg*
    Slippery Elm inner bark     21 mg
    European Golden Pea Protein Isolate     1045mg

    Pineapple Flavour
    Vanilla - provides part of the great taste profile of GGS. In traditional medicine it has been used as an aphrodisiac, to reduce fever and to increase alertness.
“Good Green Stuff is an effective and easy foundation for great nutrition. Taking it on a regular basis is an excellent way to cover nutritional gaps.”
Kira Sutherland - Naturopath, Sports Nutritionist
Good to know FAQs:
1. I have read that many foods and supplements are irradiated. How does this affect the Good Green Stuff formula?
None of the ingredients in Good Green Stuff ™ are irradiated! This would potentially damage the ingredients, reducing nutrient content and potentially causing allergenic problems. We do not irradiate our products.

2. Are the probiotics in Good Green Stuff still alive and viable?
The best research we have to date shows that the viability of probiotic compounds is good for many months so long as the product is kept relatively cool. Be sure to keep the product in the bottom of the pantry (or even the fridge) to preserve viability.

3.  I am currently taking a multivitamin supplement. Should I continue taking this if I am taking Good Green Stuff?
Good Green Stuff is a full spectrum multi-nutrient formula that provides your nutritional 'base'. So it effectively replaces a multi-vitamin, but with many additional benefits. You shouldn't need to take both.

4.Can cancer patients take Good Green Stuff?
There is no reason why cancer patients cannot take Good Green Stuff . The formula is designed as an all in one, every day supportive supplement. It provides a comprehensive blend of whole food derived nutrients that simply help to provide a base of great nutrition. This will benefit anyone needing to ensure quality nutrition to support health and recovery (including cancer patients and those undergoing chemotherapy) whilst avoiding any potential problems of megadosing certain vitamins and mineral, which may be a concern. If undergoing chemotherapy please consult with your oncologist if you have any concerns about dietary supplementation.

5. I am currently undergoing chemotherapy, can I use Good Green Stuff?
We always suggest that anyone undergoing heavy drug treatment should consult individually with a suitably qualified health practitioner to discuss their specific needs [see our preferred practitioners page]. Good Green Stuff ™ though, as a whole food based nutritional support formula may help the body to recover from chemotherapy. There is some discussion as to whether antioxidants may inhibit chemotherapy's effectiveness, however this discussion tends to involve the use of isolated and therapeutic doses of antioxidants, not whole food based formulas that provide general support for health and wellbeing.

6. I notice Good Green Stuff includes cocoa bean and green tea in the formula. I am sensitive to caffeine, is it OK for me to use the product?
The green tea and cocoa bean are included due to their amazing antioxidant potential. They are high antioxidant containing extracts. This means the relative antioxidant level is higher whilst caffeine content will be diminished in the extraction process. The maximum amount of caffeine that could be expected from this amount of combined green tea and cocoa without extraction would be under approximately 7mg per serve (or about 1/25th of a small brewed coffee!), but in reality the amount would be negligible. Good Green Stuff should be completely fine for a caffeine sensitive individual.

7. I read on a website that you shouldn't take Greens products in fruit juice due to the acid content, but also read that citrus juices encourage alkalinity in the body? What's the deal? Are fruit juices acid or alkaline?!
This is a really good question. While it's true that citrus juices (such as lime, lemon and orange) are acidic due to the citric acid content of the fruit, they actually encourage greater net alkalinity when digested. So in terms of an acid-alkaline balancing diet they would be considered beneficial. This is one of several reasons why a squeeze of lemon juice in water in the morning can be very helpful (as well as promoting increased detoxification and acting as a digestive tonic.)

However there are very valid reasons to avoid using fruit juices in general. We always say that eating fruit is great!...but drinking fruit isn't...This is because when we drink fruit juices we ingest far too much fructose (fruit sugar) in a very short period of time, and we are unable to store it as glycogen. There is only a limited amount of capacity to store large amounts of ingested fructose and the rest is converted to fats in the blood, and these are stored as body fat. For this reason high fructose intake is also a contributing factor to increased insulin resistance and therefore metabolic syndrome, diabetes, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and a host of other metabolic ailments. Our suggestion is to avoid drinking fruit juice. For the alkaline and detox benefits of citrus simply have a lemon squeezed into water first thing upon rising AND take your Good Green Stuff.

8. Can I take Good Green Stuff when pregnant?
There is nothing in Good Green Stuff ™  that is contraindicated for pregnancy. We have designed Good Green Stuff ™ to be a safe, every day formula for all adult populations. Rosemary is contraindicated for pregnancy in high (therapeutic/herbal medical) doses but the miniscule amount in Good Green Stuff ™ is completely safe.

9. I am pregnant and am concerned that there is kelp in the formula. Could this effect my thyroid and is it safe during pregnancy?
The amount of kelp contained within Good Green Stuff ™ is approximately 8mg. A standard therapeutic dose is usually over 2000mg. There should be no effect on thyroid from this small amount and it is safe to take during pregnancy. The kelp is included for it's trace nutrients, not for a therapeutic effect.

10. I am pregnant and taking Good Green Stuff . Does the formula provide enough Folic Acid?
The first thing to understand in answering this question is that Folic Acid, found in most nutritional supplements, is a synthetic form of folate. The body then has to convert this into various metabolites, the most important being L-5 methyltetrahydrofolate (or 5-MTHF), the natural active form used at the cellular level.

One problem with typical folic acid supplements is that some people may have a genetic limitation to their ability to convert folic acid into the active form. Another is that synthetic forms of the vitamin may overload the body with unmetabolised folic acid that may:

    Reduce levels of active folates for use as co-enzymes for proper brain function
    Reduce the ability of the body to use active folate
    Change important gene expression functions of folate dependent enzymes

To be assured of getting the benefits of folic acid Good Green Stuff uses the natural form, L-5 MTHF, directly; not synthetic folic acid.

Common guidelines recommend pregnant women need 400 to 800 mcg of folic acid per day in the very early stages of pregnancy and should keep taking folic acid throughout pregnancy. Good Green Stuff™ provides 330 mcg of added L-5 MTHF. In addition there is the dietary folate present in the whole foods which comprise the bulk of Good Green Stuff™.

The dietary folate derived from your food combined with your daily serve of Good Green Stuff™ should be adequate. However you should always check with a qualified health practitioner.

Good sources of folate are leafy vegetables such as spinach, asparagus and lettuce; legumes such as peas, beans and lentils, egg yolk and some breakfast cereals. And sunflower seeds, liver and kidney. There are also moderate amounts in fruits including bananas, raspberries, grapefruit, honeydew melon and strawberries. And other vegetables such as broccoli, brussel sprouts and bok choy.

11. Why is the Good Green Stuff more expensive than a standard multi-vitamin?
The simple answer is that Good Green Stuff™ is so much more than a multi! It includes a range of natural, close to source ingredients that provide the benefits of a multi, but in a more easily utilisable and assimilated form. It also has a range of gentle detoxifying, supportive and adaptogenic benefits not found in a multi-vitamin formula. Overall we have estimated that to take all the ingredients in Good Green Stuff™ from store bought supplements would cost in the range of $1000. The cost of Good Green Stuff™ is less than that of a coffee or muffin, which many people do daily (or more!) We often suggest that people try cutting back by 1 coffee per day and substituting with a serve of Good Green Stuff™.