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Our mission at  Organic Buyers Group  is to deliver the highest quality products at the most affordable prices.

Our passion is to provide to you the best that nature has to offer whilst taking care of nature itself.

We strive to offer highly informative product pages to help you make healthier choices for you and your loved ones.


 Organic Buyers Group  is a 100% Australian owned and operated online store that delivers affordably-priced premium quality certified organic and gluten free products direct to your door, wherever you may be in Australia or around the world.

Our low margins ensure bulk savings on premium organic and gluten-free foods, as well as other beneficial products in our expanding range, are now accessible to all retail customers.

We ship to any address in Australia and some countries worldwide.
We are shipping well-packed, fresh products to street addresses in most suburbs of the Sydney region for FREE and we depsatch same day if you order before 7am weekdays.

Exceptional customer service is our raison d'tre and core objective, continuing to raise the standard in the home delivery industry.

 Organic Buyers Group  is the brainchild of an enterprising pair passionate about making organic food and other products readily available to all, in the interests of promoting health and the preservation of our fragile environment.

Beginning in the noughties with the staples of certified organic free-range eggs, non-dairy milks and traditional sourdough breads, our product offerings have now grown based on customer requests and recommendations to over a thousand meticulously researched grocery products supporting hundreds of brands.

We select products for their purity, high nutrition value and effectiveness.  Friendliness of the product and its packaging to humans and nature before, during and after production is also a key factor in our selection process.

Our veritable smorgasboard of nourishing and delightful foods aims to satisfy a wide spectrum of different tastes and dietary requirements.  Every day our groceries, personal care and household products range is growing with the help of your feedback and suggestions.

Everyone is welcome to enjoy the range by browsing and purchasing securely online at
www.OBG.com.au 24 hours a day.

Customer Care Phone: 1800 888 988

(text/dial +61 400 888 678 from outside Australia)


 What friendly materials do we use? 

Printing (all needs):
We choose chlorine free, 100% recycled paper printed using a waterless printing method.

Packaging (bubblewrap):
We use Sancell 100% biodegradeable/compostable EnviroBubble (green-coloured bubblewrap).

Packaging (newsprint / butchers paper): 
We use Ecobuy newsprint (a.k.a. butchers paper) made from 100% recycled paper and accredited by HACCP. The sheets are well sanitized, clean and 100% food safe.

Packaging (void filler):
We use 100% biodegradeable/compostable natural starch Bio-Fill pellets. Simply pop them in your garden or watch them dissolve in water down the sink when you are ready to dispose of them.

Packaging (air pillows): 
We use Opus-Bio 100% recyclable sealed air pillows whcih are constructed of biodegradeable high-density polyethylene. They may be composted or recycled in the plastic waste stream.

Packaging (boxes):
Most orders are shipped in new boxes made from 100% recycled materials and we also recycle boxes to ship orders (only if in good condition) to reduce waste and to help preserve our environment.

Reused Non-recyclable Packaging: 
From time to time we receive non-recyclable packaging, wraps (typically non green-coloured bubblewraps) and fillers from a small subset of our regular suppliers. We normally reuse this pacakaging (only if in good condition) rather than dispose, to extend the life and to help preserve our environment.
We continue to request that our suppliers switch to 100% recycled packaging, wraps and fillers, and we encourage others to request the same. Note that we have never and do not intend to ever purchase non-recyclable packaging, wraps or fillers for these purposes. Our only deviation from this policy is for the shipping of highly-active refrigerated sauerkrauts and kefirs in glass containers that are prone to leakage during transit due to gas build-ups inside. These products are individually wrapped in small plastic freezer bags which are light and thin yet are tough enough to prevent damage to surrounding products and the box itself by possible leakages during transit.

Premium range of Certified Organic, Gluten Free, Biodynamic, Faritrade & Vegan Products

Our prices are mostly LOWER than supermarkets and other stores

FREE fast delivery to street addresses in over 660 Sydney region, Australia suburbs (orders over $47, unlimited weight, or only $8.95 flat rate for orders below $47)

Order by 7am weekdays for same-day delivery to most Sydney region suburbs

Flat rate $10* shipping to street addresses around Australia (orders over $47, some product quantity ordering limits and exclusions apply, or only $12.95 flat rate for orders below $47)

Shipping via Australia Post to all PO Boxes, Parcel Lockers, Parcel Collect, non-street addresses, remote areas and outlying territories and islands around Australia (only $12.95 per 5kg)

Yes we ship to some countries worldwide (express air or sea mail) - compare our international shipping rates online

Huge range of over a thousand healthy & ethical items growing weekly by customer request

Hundreds of brands with a range spanning most popular grocery departments

Eggs, milks, breads, general groceries, personal care, baby and household products

All products are GMO-free, BPA-free, nanoparticle-safe and not tested on animals

By far the most comprehensive product write-ups with ingredients & nutritional information

Real-time actual stock counts & earliest best before dates displayed on all product pages!

We use environmentally friendly packaging and printing materials

Most orders ship in new boxes (100% recycled material) or reused only if in good condition

Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Diners, PayPal accepted - FEE FREE - no surcharges!

Cheques, Bank Cash Deposit, Bank Transfer, EFT accepted - FEE FREE - no surcharges!

We've done all the product research for you and sourced products we can all trust

Friendly, knowledgeable & responsive customer service - a dream shopping experience

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FREE shipping to most street addresses in Sydney region suburbs for orders over $47, flat rate $10 around most of Australia.
Competitive shipping rates for orders below $47 and to ALL destinations in Australia (plus international destinations when paid with Western Union or EFT).
*Quantity limits may apply to some bulky and/or heavier products, however no limits apply to Sydney region street addresses.

Zero payment fees or surcharges! Fee-free shopping with Visa Mastercard Amex Diners cards accepted.
PayPal, EFT/Bank Transfer or deposit cash/cheque/money order over-the-counter at any St George Bank branch around Australia.
Western Union payments also accepted for Australian and international orders!
Now with Express Checkout, Australian customers can pay with a card or Paypal, customer account/sign-up no longer required!

Browse our wide range of premium Certified Organic, Biodynamic, Gluten-Free, Raw, Paleo, Fairtrade & Vegan groceries delivered to your work or home!

Prices in Australian Dollars (AUD) including Australian 10% GST on applicable products. Orders shipped to destinations outside Australia are GST exempt.

All deliveries can be tracked online and are sent fully insured except where the order contains perishables or an Authority To Leave is provided.

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We are a profoundly ethical, 100% Australian owned and operated company
(ABN 89 141 060 380).
Email us anytime: customer_care@OrganicBuyersGroup.com
Phone free-call Australia-wide 1800-888-988 (or phone/text to +61-400-888-678)

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