Brown Rice Medium Grain Eclipse Certified Biodynamic (1kg)


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  • Produced by: Eclipse Organics
  • Country of origin: Australia
  • Certified organic (ACO), Certified biodynamic (BDRI)
  • Suitable for gluten free diets
  • Suitable for vegans and all types of vegetarians
  • GMO-free, BPA-free and not tested on animals
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Great value! Now in 1kg Medium Grain - slightly heavier richer tasting than long grain rice, perfect in sushi, soups and risotto.

Brown rice is a nutrient rich grain. This rain-fed biodynamic variety is grown locally in Australia using natural rainfall rather than intensive irrigation - saving the environment!

Award-winning 100% Rain Fed Rice - excellent value and grown with natural rainwater.

Award from the Organic and Green Expo Sydney 2010:
Bronze Medal for Best Pantry Staple.

Grown purely on rainwater in Northern NSW. Compare this to rice grown in a paddy field that requires about 1550L of water to grow 1kg of rice. Delicious brown rice ethically grown with natural rainwater, to help preserve the environment.

Highly nutritious 'biodynamic and organic' whole brown rice, with cholesterol lowering bran - rich in fibre, minerals and vitamins especially the B-Complex group. Rice is gluten free.

Biodynamic means organic and more - a form of organic farming where the whole ecosystem is nurtured through soil regeneration and complimentary planting, working the environment.

Biodynamic Organic Brown Rice are kernels of rice
with the nutritious bran and germ still attached (only the hull has been removed). Its light brown colour is due to the presence of healthy bran and germ layers.

Certified Biodynamic Rain Fed Medium Grain Whole Brown Rice (1kg) by Eclipse Organics.

How to: 1 cup of uncooked rice will make 2.5 cups of cooked rice.
Rinse and soak: prior to cooking for a few hours or overnight, for best results.
Cook: 1 cup of rice with 3 cups of water.
- Bring water and rice to boil, uncovered. Then put the lid half on, stirring regularly, reduce the heat to a low simmer for 25-30 minutes.
- Turn off the heat, and let the rice sit in the covered pot for another 10 minutes.

Enjoy: as a side dish, in salads, stuffing, sushi, and as your main meal with your favourite stir fry or curry.

Ingredients: Certified Biodynamic Medium Grain Whole Brown Rice - Rain fed.

Store: In an airtight container in a cool, dark, dry cupboard.

Origin: Australia
Certification: BDRI (Bio-Dynamic Research Institute - An Australian Government accredited Organic and Bio-Dynamic Certification Organisation responsible for the DEMETER Trademark and Certification.)

Slater Farms’ RAINFED RICE is Demeter certified Bio-dynamic.
One of the most sustainable and successful forms of organic agriculture practiced across the world.

Besides being tasty and nutricious our RAINFED RICE is making rice history by having the Best Sustainability Credentials in Australia!

And here’s why…
Most rice is grown in irrigated rice paddies.

Irrigated rice agriculture is a big source of atmospheric methane (20 times more potent a greenhouse gas than CO2). Southern Australian rice crops require approximately 1550 litres of pumped water for just 1kg of rice

In contrast RAINFED RICE is dryland rice. This means that it requires only natural rainfall and saves critical Australian water resources.

To grow well RAINFED RICE needs:
Warm climates with high rainfall – NSW Northern Rivers area has both these attributes in abundance.