Sesame Oil Black Extra Virgin Untoasted Carwari C.Organic(250ml)


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  • Produced by: Carwari
  • Country of origin: Mexico
  • Certified organic (ACO)
  • Suitable for gluten free diets
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • GMO-free, BPA-free and not tested on animals
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Cold pressed - made from organic unhulled black sesame seeds. A natural light colour.

High in antioxidants.
Ideal for pan-frying, soups, dressings, garnish oils for fish or steamed dishes.

Certified Organic - Extra Virgin, Cold-pressed, Unrefined, Untoasted - Black Sesame Oil (250ml, glass) by Carwari

- Cold-pressed under 40°C
- Unrefined, fresh oil
- GM Free Certified Organic Sesame Seeds
- Untoasted - a true fresh sesame flavour without the bitterness
- Stored in a glass bottle for purity
- Excellent source of Tryptophane and Methionine - controls cholesterol, healthy liver and nervous system.
Sesame contains two important amino acids.
1. Methionine is crucial for the maintenance of a healthy liver and can produce Coline which helps the body to handle cholesterol and produce energy rather than fat.

2. The other amino acid, Tryptophane is the precursor of niacin which is essential for a healthy nervous system. It is also reported to promote youthful skin and healthy hair.

Sesame oil is also stable because it contains the antioxidant sesamol which helps to prevent it going rancid and so it can handle high temperatures e.g. in a wok.

It has a balanced composition of Oleic Monounsaturated and Linoleic Polyunsaturated fatty acids which also help stabilise Sesame Oil - far more than other vegetable oils.

Sesame oil has been consumed safely in Asia for hundreds of years and it also is a good massage oil.

Cold-pressed, quality production: Good quality oils need to be cold-pressed or expeller-pressed at temperatures below 45°C and not solvent extracted. They should not be subjected to high heat temperatures, deodorising, bleaching or alkali refining.

Ingredients: Certified Organic Extra Virgin Black Sesame Oil - cold-pressed and unrefined.
Store: In a cool, dry, dark cupboard away from direct sunlight.

Origin: Bottled in Australia from sesame seeds from Mexico
Certification: ACO (Australian Certified Organic), Kashrut - Kosher.

Sesame Seeds sources:
There are only 3 places where Certified Organic Sesame Seeds are grown - India, China Inner Mongolia and Latin America.

Certified Organic Sesame seeds have been grown in these areas for thousands of years. All countries crops go through rigorous testing to meet organic standards. No fumigation, chemicals, or pesticides are used.

Australia does not produce organic sesame seeds.There are no organic sesame seeds grown in Australia.