Maple Syrup Grade A Dark Robust Spiral Certified Organic (250mL)


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  • Produced by: Spiral Foods
  • Country of origin: Canada
  • Certified organic (Ecocert)
  • Suitable for gluten free diets
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • GMO-free, BPA-free and not tested on animals
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2013 Nature & Health Natural Food Awards Winner!
New grading system, similar high mineral content grade: was the old grade Canada No.2 Amber/Grade C or equivalent US Grade B.
Now this is called Canada Grade A Dark Colour, Robust Taste - perfect for the Master Cleanse or daily enjoyment. This maple syrup is now even darker in colour, harvested later in the spring season. This is the preferred grade for cleansing diets and healthy meals. Mineral rich - magnesium and zinc, with a heartier maple flavour, strong taste than lighter Grade A Golden Colour, Delicate Taste maple syrups.

New Grading System: USA and Canada now have the same international standard for grading maple syrup.
The new grades refer directly to the colour and taste of the sap, which varies throughout the sugaring season. Syrup produced earlier in the season tends to be lighter in colour and more subtle in flavor. Dark robust syrup is produced later in the season. As it has been for generations, the process to produce maple syrup is fundamentally the same across all grades.

Remember, the new maple syrup grades only apply to pure maple syrup, not imitation breakfast syrups or other fake products. While “Grade B” no longer exists (it is replaced with Grade A Dark Color, Robust Flavor), there are still two primary grades of 100% real maple syrup with clear and helpful descriptors - Grade A and Processing Grade.
*See the chart below for the grade change equivalents, colour, flavour and light transmission measures.
Certified Organic Maple Syrup (250ml) by Spiral Foods - Grade A Dark Colour, Robust Flavour - the typical maple syrup flavour. 
The darker the colour = more flavour and higher nutrient content. This late harvest maple syrup is ideal for cleansing diets, along with cooking, baking and as a table sweetener due to its health benefits and full flavour.

Grade A Dark Colour, Robust Taste is a beautiful deep amber colour maple syrup extracted from the sugar maple later in the season (February – April). This late harvest darker maple syrup has a higher nutrient and mineral content as the tree has freshly produced the syrup throughout the spring harvest season. During early first harvest, lighter coloured syrup is extracted such as Grade A, Golden Colour, Delicate Taste maple syrup - a sweet, more delicate tasting syrup. Grade A Amber Colour, Rich Taste and Grade A Dark Colour, Robust Taste are the typical maple syrup flavours.

Maple Syrup is a delicious natural sweetener, high in magnesium and zinc, made from the sap of the sugar maple, a deciduous tree found in abundance in the Northeastern North America.

The American Indians were the first to discover the secret of the maple tree by observing that red squirrels licked the sap off branches cracked by frost in winter. The warmth of the spring sun evaporated some of the water in the sap, making it even sweeter.
Store: for up to 1 year in the refrigerator whether open or not. Can freeze for longer and thaw when needed. Good maple syrup is stored in glass containers.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Organic Canadian Maple Syrup - Grade A Dark Colour, Robust Taste.
Origin: Quebec, Canada
Certification: EcoCert, Kosher.

What are the benefits of maple syrup?
Natural organic maple syrup is one of the healthiest ways to indulge your sweet tooth. This natural plant sap contains good amounts of magnesium and zinc, important for the immune system.

How should I use Spiral Food's Organic Maple Syrup?
An easy way to improve your diet is to replace refined sugars with maple syrup. Use instead of sugar in tea and coffee, and or on top of cereal and oats then roasted in the oven to create a perfect toasted muesli. It is also delicious on toast, as a topping on ice cream, French toast, pancakes, fruit salad or waffles, in marinades or as a glaze.

Why is Spiral Food's Organic Maple Syrup a better choice?
Spiral Food's Organic Maple Syrup is tapped from the maple trees of Canada. It takes 200 litres of maple sap to produce 4 litres of maple syrup. It is a natural food containing calcium, phosphorous, potassium and sodium. Compared to sugar with its 99% sucrose content, maple syrup is around 60% sucrose.

Spiral Food's Organic Maple Syrup is made in the traditional way—with one important difference. The maple trees and all the processing of the maple syrup are certified organic. This guarantees a fresh, delicious taste without any harmful additives, pesticides or herbicides.
1) New Grades with Old Grade equivalents:

2) New Grades with colour, flavour and light transmission notes: Click here
3) Old grading system:
Maple syrup Grades in the United States and Canada
Designation based on the percent of light transmittance
% Light Transmission
Canada & Quebec Federal
United States
Not less than 75% Tc
No. 1 Extra Light/ or AA
Grade A Light Amber
Between 60.5% & 74.9% Tc
No. 1 Light/ Grade A or A
Grade A Med. Amber
Between 44% & 60.9% Tc
No. 1 Med./ Grade A or B
Grade A Dark Amber
Between 27% & 43.9% Tc
No. 2 Amber/ or C
Grade B
Less than 27% Tc
No. 3 Dark/ or D