Spelt Wholemeal Flour Basik Certified Organic (700g)


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  • Produced by: Basik
  • Country of origin: Australia
  • Certified organic (ACO)
  • Not suitable for gluten free diets
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • GMO-free, BPA-free and not tested on animals
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Basik Organic Wholemeal Spelt Flour is high in fibre and more easily digestible than other flours. Higher protein content than wheat.
Use to make pasta, bread or muffins.
A delicious nutty grain. Higher than modern wheat in protein, amino acids, fibre, vitamins and minerals such as vitamins B1, B2, B3 and manganese. Spelt contains all of the eight essential amino acids. This highly nutritious combination can reduce cholesterol, maintain a healthy heart, and and reduce sugar levels.

The nutty flavour of the spelt grain is said to contain anti-oxidising properties we all need. A preferred flour to those wanting an easily digestible, healthy and nutritious version to processed conventional wheat flours.
Wholemeal, Wholegrain - This flour retains all the fibre, minerals and vitamins of the organic whole spelt grain. No bleaching, no additives, no further processing is done. The bran, wheatgerm and endosperm are retained. Less heat is created by the traditional stoneground method, preserving nutrients in the bran and wheatgerm.
Certified Organic Wholemeal Spelt Flour (700g) by Basik

Spelt is an ancient grain, a relative of wheat originally from Europe with a slight nutty flavour. It is well tolerated by many people who have wheat sensitivities as the protein is more easily digested.

Spelt is in the same family as today's wheat and oats but has very different properties. For instance, spelt is a softer gluten grain that is gentle to the digestive system.

The Spelt Grain (also known as Dinkel, Farro, or Asturia) contains less of the proteins that cause the symptoms of coeliac disease. Although a diagnosed coeliac could not use Spelt as an alternative to today's wheat and oats (and nor would anyone seriously ill attempt to try new dietary regimes without consulting their doctor etc.), however, many allergen sensitive people do find these ancient grains can be tolerated.

Uses: A light brown colour, this wholemeal version of Spelt is more nutritious than white versions, where the bran is removed. A good choice for healthier baked goods. Try wholemeal bread, pasta, pizza bases, cakes or wholemeal spelt blueberry muffins.

Wholemeal flour absorbs liquids easily. More liquids may need to be used in wholemeal flour recipes. You could also let your mixture settle for a short time after mixing to observe the final consistency and if additional liquids should be added.

How to make Self-raising flour?
Add 2 teaspoons of
baking powder to 1 cup of plain flour and mix well.

Ingredients: Certified Organic Wholemeal Spelt Flour
(this is 100% Spelt - in a healthy wholemeal form)

Store: In an airtight container, in a cool dark cupboard or ideally in the refrigerator.

Origin: Australia
Certification: ACO (Australian Certified Organic).

Nutritional Information per 100g: TBA