Leatherwood Creamed Honey Tarkine Tasmania Blue Hills Raw (500g)


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  • Produced by: Blue Hills Honey Tasmania
  • Country of origin: Australia
  • Organic (non-certified)
  • Suitable for gluten free diets
  • Not suitable for vegans (honey), suitable for api-vegetarians
  • GMO-free, BPA-free and not tested on animals
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Creamed - We LOVE this honey! 
Thick, creamy, whipped honey. Raw Wild Leatherwood Honey just became even more delicious!
Often referred to as the King of Honey and the Honey of Kings, leatherwood honey’s bold, complex and unique flavour can best be described as “tasting like the rainforest”. This is because the wild rainforests of Tasmania are the only place in the world where the rare leatherwood tree (Eucryphia lucida) grows.
Since 1955, our family has had the privilege of sourcing this highly sought after honey from the heart of the Tarkine wilderness, an area known for its ancient forests and the world’s cleanest air and water.
Creamed Tarkine Leatherwood Honey from Tasmania's Heritage Tarkine Forest. This honey is no longer certified organic or labelled organic though is produced by organic methods in the pristine wild Protected Tarkine Forest. 
BPA Free!
2016  Monde Award Jury selection top 5 food entries
2016  Monde Award Grand Gold Leatherwood
2014  Finalist Tasmanian Export Awards
2012 Winner of the Tasmanian Export Awards – Small Business
2011-2012 Winner Reuben Charles Trophy “World’s Best Leatherwood Honey”
Blue Hills Honey Tasmania have won the prestigious Reuben Charles OBE Memorial “World’s Best Leatherwood Honey Trophy“ at the recent Tasmanian Beekeepers Association Conference.
2011 Finalists Tasmanian Export Awards (Agribusiness, Regional Exporter, Small Business)
Other Awards from the Organic and Green Expo Sydney 2010:
Overall Judges Choice Award Winner - Best of the Show
Gold Medal for Best Gourmet Food
Gold Medal for Best Natural Health Product

Tasmanian Raw Wild Creamed Leatherwood Honey (500g, tub)
produced by Blue Hills Honey Tasmania since 1955 - unique only to Tasmania, Australia.
Also in a 500g BPA FREE plastic tub.

Western Australia and New Zealand customers please note:
Quarantine restrictions do not permit honey to be imported into WA or NZ 
Leatherwood is an unique tree growing in the cold, deep rainforest of the world heritage wilderness of Tasmania. Much sought after for its aromatic, bold, distinctive flavour and premium quality.

Blue Hill's Raw Leatherwood Honey comes from the heart of the Northwest Tarkine region of Tasmania, being the only apiary in this pristine area.

This honey is raw - meaning it has been cold extracted, unprocessed, unheated, retaining all its nutrients, enzymes, vitamins, minerals and anti-bacterial properties.

Raw honey is more crystalline and may develop a natural candied, sugar appearance over time and during colder weather. Organic raw honey that is more liquid and runny is newly extracted and will settle over time to become more thick and crystalline. Conventional non-organic, non-raw honey has been heated at higher temperatures for long periods of time during their processing and extraction, destroying beneficial nutrients.

Enjoy: Straight from the tub, or in a favourite lemon and honey drink.
To soften honey, leave a portion in a bowl in a pan of warm water. Do not overheat, so to maximise honey's therapeutic properties.

Ingredients: 100% Raw wild organically grown Creamed Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey via cold extraction. (Bee Pollen - as a natural ingredient of honey.)

Store: In a dry, dark cupboard away from direct sunlight.

Origin: Australia
Certification: HALAL and HACCP accredited, BQual, TAHG.

More about Blue Hills Honey in Tasmania:
Leatherwood honey is produced in the great forests of our island's wild and rugged west coast. Human settlements are few and far between, and the region is rich in flora and fauna, containing many rare and protected species. Some people believe that Tasmania's west coast is the last remaining home of the Tasmanian tiger or thylacine, reputed to have been extinct since 1936. Much of the region has been proclaimed as a World Heritage or Protected Area.

Blue Hills Leatherwood Honey is sourced from the pristine temperate rainforests of the Tarkine (home of the world's cleanest air and water) which means Blue Hills Leatherwood Honey stands out as a truly premium honey. We are the only apiary in the heart of this pristine environment. Only 600-1200 tonnes are produced annually. The Tarkine is the largest single tract of temperate rainforest wilderness left in Australia.

Flowering from approximately January until April, the Leatherwood tree (Eucryphia lucida) is endemic to Tasmania and originated nearly 65 million years ago. The best stands of leatherwood are often hidden deep within the forest and can be difficult to access, but the delicious rewards are well worth the trouble.

What does Leatherwood Honey taste like?
While many Tasmania's say that leatherwood 'tastes like the wilderness', the International Slow Food Movement describes it in the following way :
"Leatherwood honey is slightly liquid with uniform crystallisation, a smooth creamy texture and an ochre-yellow colour. The perfume is intense with notes of balsamic scents, which develops quickly into clean fresh notes of citrus fruits and white flowers. The flavour is clean and fresh, very balsamic, with lightly spicy notes in its long finish. Overall, the sensation of eating this honey is very pleasurable: it is creamy, buttery, low in acidity and melts in the mouth."

Tasmania's Tarkine Wilderness:
The island of Tasmania is known as the Natural State and the Island of Inspiration owing to its large and relatively unspoiled natural environment. Almost 37% of Tasmania is in Reserves, National Parks and World Heritage wilderness sites. Our Leatherwood Honey comes from an ancient and pristine environment.

Blue Hills harvest their honey from one of the most untouched and natural regions of the world, the Tarkine forest. The Tarkine, located in Tasmania's far North West, is the largest temperate rainforest area in Australia and one of the largest in the world covering approximately 3,800 square kilometres (1,500 sq mi).The region is wild and untamed. To walk in the vibrant understorey of its primeval rainforests is to glimpse the depth and magic of the natural world.

Blue Hills Honey is dedicated to preserving the natural attributes of this special part of the world.

"Once you have been to the heart of the Tarkine you will never forget the view of the Leatherwood trees with their rose like white flowers cascading over the untamed wild rivers. The smells of the nectar permeate the dense forest. The magnificent red and gold hues of the majestic myrtle forests are a sight to behold. No one could deny a need to preserve and treat with respect such a special place". (Robbie Charles Beekeeper)

The very foundation of Blue Hills Honey, the company and its products, is its relationship to this unique Tasmanian environment. We are the only apiary in the heart of this pristine environment. Only 600 to 1200 tonnes of this extraordinary nectar is produced annually. Whilst Blue Hills produces a range of honeys including Tasmanian Manuka, Meadow, Blackberry, and Prickly Box, its flagship product is Leatherwood Honey, the king of all honey’s.

Tasmania is the only place in the world where Leatherwood Honey is produced. Its origins, in the world’s cleanest air and water, means that Blue Hills Leatherwood Honey can truly make a claim to be one of the world’s premium honeys.

Leatherwood Honey has become an iconic product for Tasmania promoting the clean and green image that is so much a part of Tasmania. Leatherwood Honey is considered by many connoisseurs to be the worlds finest because of its wild rather than farmed production base.

Blue Hills Honey full of nature’s goodness .......taste the wilderness!