Stringy Bark Raw Honey Kangaroo Island Cert.Organic(1kg,plastic)


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  • Produced by: Island Beehive Honey
  • Country of origin: Australia
  • Certified organic (NASAA)
  • Suitable for gluten free diets
  • Not suitable for vegans (honey), suitable for api-vegetarians
  • GMO-free, BPA-free and not tested on animals
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Stringy Bark (E. baxteri) is a delicious raw honey, popular for its dark colour and slight smoky flavour. Stringy Bark is a summer flowering tree that is distinguished by it's rough, fibrous bark.
Exclusive - Certified Organic Island Beehive Honey is only available here at Organic Buyers Group and on Kangaroo Island!
Container update:
The 1kg glass jar will return mid 2019 for these varieties.

Coastal Flora and Spring Flora 1kg Honeys still come in a glass jar.

All 325g honeys are still contained only in glass jars.
Raw Grade A Premium Certified Organic Kangaroo Island Honey.
Premium Certified Organic Raw Stringy Bark Honey by Island Beehive (glass jar) - Kangaroo Island's most famous honey producer and home to the world's only remaining pure strain of Ligurian honeybee.

This single varietal honey comes straight from the producer, so is of the highest quality from Island Beehive. It is not mixed with other varieties, to retain its purity and distinct flavour.

Nature is at its best on Kangaroo Island, pure with pristine natural flora perfect for honeybees. Only the best certified organic premium honey is produced, packed with all the nutrition and goodness honey is known for.

Island Beehive produces certified organic honey that is world renowned for its quality and purity. Their organic honey is extracted at a low temperature to retain its natural colours and flavours and to protect its many nutritional qualities. For this reason it may become naturally candied but is guaranteed and certified to be free of all contaminants.

Collection of honey takes place from the Island's 30 species of flowering eucalypts, a myriad of other Australian trees and shrubs, wildflowers and other introduced flora. The amount and varieties of honey produced can be affected by seasonal conditions.

The variety of nectar collected by the bee also controls the outcome of colour and flavour, with some honeys very dark with bold flavours whilst others are light and more delicate.

Store in a dark cupboard. Can leave in a warmer spot before use, to allow the raw honey to warm alittle for a smoother consistency.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Grade A Premium Raw Certified Organic Honey from the only pure strain of the Ligurian Honeybee.

RAW honey is extracted and packed at low temperatures to retain vitamins, minerals and important enzymes necessary for our health. This RAW honey will be slightly naturally candied, crystallised or creamed due to the low temperature extraction method to produce a premium quality, and healthier honey.

Origin: Kangaroo Island, Australia
Certification: NASAA (The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia)
Western Australia and New Zealand customers please note:
Quarantine restrictions do not permit honey to be imported into WA or NZ