Henna Dark Brown Natural Herbal Hair Dye Bonvit (100g, powder)


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  • Produced by: Bonvit
  • Country of origin: Australia
  • May contain non-organic ingredients
  • Suitable for vegans
  • GMO-free, BPA-free, nanoparticle-safe and not tested on animals
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Pure Henna. No carcinogenic chemicals - No ammonias, resorcinols, p-phenylenediamine or 2-nitro-p-phenylenediamine and hydrogen peroxide among the MANY found in commercial and 'natural' hair colours/dyes.

Chemical Commercial vs Henna:
Commercial, salon chemical, and 'natural' hair colours - penetrate the hair shaft with all the bad chemicals and nasties. Whilst Henna only coats the hair shaft. Your hair will feel soft, silky, shiny and healthy.

This is just pure natural herbal Henna!

The natural Henna plant (Lawsonia inermis)
varies in colours in nature from red, brown to black (Indigo fera). These various shades of Henna are blended to create the many colours of Henna Hair Dyes. Some Henna Hair Dyes contain picramate which is a mild colour enhancer used in the dark red, burgundy and auburn shades.

We have decided to only offer 100% natural Henna Hair Dyes e.g. Natural Red, Golden Red, all browns, Golden, Black and the rest of the Bonvit Henna range do not contain picramate.

Henna is composed of native herbs which condition, revitalise, nourish and bring out the natural beauty of your hair.

Henna is the dried, powdered leaf of the plant Lawsonia inermis used for thousand of years as a natural hair colour.

Bonvit Natural Henna Herb Colour - Dark Brown (100g)

How to: Blend as you wish to make the perfect shade for you!
Best - to apply Natural Red first, then Dark Brown Henna colours, to avoid a blue tinge to your greys.

Directions: Tip - test a strand of hair first. Also use a BPA Free plastic squirt sauce bottle!
1. Freshly wash hair - shampoo only.
2. Mix Henna Powder with boiled water into a creamy paste in a ceramic bowl with a ceramic spoon, not too runny. Pour via a funnel into a squirt bottle. Cool for a few minutes.
A few tablespoons just for roots, more for the length of your hair.
3. Apply to hair using gloves and just squirt. Easy and less mess.
4. Cover with a hair cap.
5. Leave for at least 2 hours, preferably in a warm environment e.g. under the sun, use a hot towel wrap.
6. Rinse well, and finish with a hair conditioner. The conditioner also helps release all the leftover henna bits from your hair. Do not shampoo.

- Keep the product away from children.
- Bonvit Natural Henna Powders are not permanent colours. The effects will fade gradually as the hair is shampooed as it only coats the hair shaft, it doesn't penetrate it, which is a healthier treatment.
- Do not use Henna on eyelash, moustache, eyebrow or facial hair. It might cause allergic reaction.

Grey/White Hair: Not Recommended by Bonvit for use on grey hair due to uncertainty and variations in final results, not for any healthy reason. It is still a healthy option for grey hair and has been very successful based on our experiences.

Our experience has been -
As grey/white hair does not have any 'red' tones, to help restore the 'red' tones to bring a warm colour back to grey/white hair:
We have tested the Black Henna blended with alittle Natural Red Henna and/or Dark Brown Henna, on black hair with medium amount of grey hair with these outcomes:
= softy, shiny and natural 'dark golden red to brown streaks' - a real winner colour for us.

Results for single applications:
1. Black mixed with alittle Natural Red and/or Dark Brown Henna - a wonderful result of golden red to brown tones amongst existing black hair. Final result depends on your portion mix of colours. 40% each black and brown with 20% red works well. Best result for single application.
2. Dark Brown Henna - grey hair became light to medium golden brown colour - second best choice.

3. Natural Red Henna - grey hair became a bright to light red/orange colour, not advised on its own.
4. Dark Black Henna only - grey hair became dark with slight blue hues - which is why we recommend to combine with Natural Red and/or Dark Brown Henna to reduce the blue.

Double application of Natural Red first, then second application of Black with Dark Brown is probably the best result if you have time for 2 applications. This reduces the blue cold tones, adds warm red tones first, then covers with black/brown colour. Deepest colour result.

Ingredients: Henna Leaves (Indigo fera, Lawsonia inermis)

About the brand Bonvit:
Bonvit is a family run, 100% Australian owned business that has been trading since 1973. They provide high quality, healthy products manufactured here in Australia from imported and locally produced goods.