Konjac Fettucine Pasta Noodles Low Carb Zero Slim (350g)

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  • Brand: Zero Slim Healthy Noodles
  • Country of origin: China
  • Certified organic (BCS)
  • Suitable for gluten free diets
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • GMO-free, BPA-free and not tested on animals
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    Low carb, high fibre pasta and noodles! Lose weight whilst still enjoying your favourite pasta and noodle dishes!
    Konjac glucomannan noodles/pasta/rice in:
    - angel hair
    - fettucine
    - rice
    - lasagna.
    Instant, pre-cooked and wok ready noodles and pasta made from Konjac glucomannan, a water-soluble dietary fibre derived from the root of the Konjac plant.
    How to enjoy: Use as substitute for regular pasta, noodles and rice as a dietary supplement for weight management. Makes you feel fuller for longer minus the extra calories. Research also indicates that konjac glucomannan products may help lower blood pressure, cholesterol, slow glucose absorption and promote regular bowel movements.
    1. Drain noodles/pasta and rinse for 1 minute under running hot or cold water.
    2. Pat dry with a paper towel.
    3. Ready to add to your favourite sauce or stir fry.
    Why is it so healthy?
    The benefits of including konjac glucomannan noodles/pasta/rice into a balanced diet include:
    • Prevention of obesity
    • Reduction of the absorption of cholesterol
    • Treatment for constipation
    • Promotion of the excretion of toxins
    • Lowered blood pressure.
    Certified Organic Konjac - Fettucine Pasta Noodles (350g) by Zero Slim and Healthy - low carb.
    Ingredients: Premium Grade Organic Glucomannan Fibre (from the Root of the Konjac Plant), Purified Water, Food Grade Calcium Hydroxide (0.13%, a firming agent, mineral salt no.526, mainly calcium carbonate derived frpm inorganic material).
    Store: Unopened - at room temperature. Once opened, store in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. Do not freeze.
    Origin: China
    Certification: BCS Oko-Garantie Organic, BPA Free packaging, GMO Free,.
    Serving Per Pack: 2
    Serving Size: 100g    
    Quantity per 100g

    Energy    kJ    21   
                   cal    5   
    Protein    g           < 1g   
    Total Fat g           <0.5g  
    - Saturates g       <0.5g  
    Trans    g             <0.1  
    Carbohydrates g  <1g 
    - Sugar g             <0.5g 
    Dietary Fibre g    9g 
    Calcium    g         6g 
    Sodium    mg       <5 
    Gluten    mg        Nil detected
    Soy    mg            Nil detected
    Dairy    mg          Nil detected
    Eggs    mg          Nil detected

    More about Zero Slim & Healthy Noodles and Pasta:
    ZERO SLIM & HEALTHY NOODLES are made of all natural vegetable Konjac-mannan (glucomannan) fiber, a water-soluble dietary fiber derived from the root of the Konjac plant, which has shown beneficial effects backed by medical researches for Type II Diabetes, Obesity, Cholesterol and Constipation! As they are mostly composed of glucomann fiber, they contain very few calories and carbohydrates.

    ZERO SLIM & HEALTHY NOODLES are made from Konjac-mannan (glucomannan) pure fiber. Thin, translucent and gelatinous, this traditional Japanese noodle is made from the root of the Konjac plant. Konjac-mannan (glucomannan) fiber has been used by people in East Asia for centuries to treat a number of health complaints. Traditional Japanese Konjac Foods are made by first mashing the Konjac root then boiling the mash in limewater. This process forms a strong gel that can be cut into a variety of shapes and sizes.

    ZERO SLIM & HEALTHY NOODLES consist of about 97% water and 3% Konjac-mannan (glucomannan) fiber. This combination makes ZERO SLIM & HEALTHY NOODLES a highly alkaline food.

    What is the Konjac plant?
    The Konjac plant belongs to the genus Amorphophallus. The botanical name of the plant is Amorphophallus Konjac. With a diameter of around 8 inches (20cm), the Konjac plant grows as a root also known as Konjac tubes. While considered a type of perennial plant, the Konjac plant can live for up to 5 years. Within the plant the glucomannan fiber can be found, responsible for the high fiber/zero calorie nutrition of Konjac foods.

    Generally the Konjac plant is grown on steep mountainous regions with warm weather at altitudes of 800 to 1,500 meters (2,400 to 4,500 feet). A typical harvest yields around 1000kg per hectare after 3-5 years of growth. Konjac plants are mainly produced in the tropical and subtropical zones of the Eastern Hemisphere. The highest area of production is in the mountains of South West China, the same region native to panda bears. The average temperature of the growth region is about 16 ? (60F). Fresh Konjac root is a type of tuber, similar to yam and taro but oval in shape.

    The main constituent of the Konjac plant is the glucomannan fiber. The amount of glucomannan fiber reaches its maximum after three years of growth. Konjac is the only plant which can produce massive amounts of glucomannan fiber. When the Konjac root is dried approximately 40% to 60% of the dried powder is glucomannan fiber.

    What is Glucomannan fibre?
    Glucomannan fibre is a water soluble fibre derived from the root of the Konjac plant, (Amorphophallus Konjac). Cultures in East Asia have used Konjac for more than fifteen hundred years.

    Glucomannan fibre is the most absorbent soluble fibres in nature and can absorb up to 200 times its weight in water. Because of this property glucomannan fibre has many health benefits.

    Glucomannan fibre aids the digestion system and is beneficial to the prevention of constipation. It has also been used for the treatment of heart disease and diabetes.

    Soluble fibre has been scientifically proven to lower cholesterol, which can help prevent heart disease. Konjac is served to patients in some hospitals who suffer from overweight/obese/type 2 diabetes and lifestyle-related illnesses to manage their weight loss and health. This is because konjac is low in calories and has many other benefits.

    There are only 3 ingredients in our Noodles: Glucomannan, water and calcium.

    They are all natural and Japanese certified organic and the plastic used for the packaging is free of Bisphenol, an industrial chemical used in some plastics that is reported to leach into the food contents.

    What is the Shelf Life of ZERO SLIM & HEALTHY NOODLES?
    ZERO SLIM & HEALTHY NOODLES have a shelf life of one year at room temperature There is no need to refrigerate the noodles. (avoid freezing).

    What do ZERO SLIM & HEALTHY NOODLES Taste Like?
    While pure glucomannan fiber does not have any flavor, raw Konjac root flour does have a fishy odor. This is the reason why some brands have a fishy smell. The Zero Slim & Healthy brand has developed a method to eliminate the fishy smell which makes our noodles more attractive to consumers. ZERO SLIM & HEALTHY NOODLES are tasteless. The benefit of a tasteless noodle is the ability to add your own favorite flavor such as Italian pasta sauce, teriyaki sauce, BBQ, to name a few.

    How are ZERO SLIM & HEALTHY NOODLES Packaged?
    ZERO SLIM & HEALTHY NOODLES are a type of wet food, pre-packaged in liquid. As an instant food ZERO SLIM & HEALTHY NOODLES can be consumed without cooking; just wash and rinse it before eating. If you also boil them for 2-3 minutes.

    The easiest way to prepare Konjac is by draining the water, adding the ZERO SLIM & HEALTHY NOODLES to a medium sized cooking pot along with any pasta sauce. Heat the noodles until they are warm and consume like any other type of instant noodle.

    Another method of preparation is to steam the ZERO SLIM & HEALTHY NOODLES for approximately three to five minutes. Simply bring a pot of water to a boil and add the noodles, making sure to stir the noodles occasionally. After three to five minutes, drain the noodles and serve. ZERO SLIM & HEALTHY NOODLES can also be fried, baked, stewed, braised or used as a cold instant pasta with any pasta sauce. For more tips on how to prepare them and cook them go to Preparation & Recipes.

    How long can I keep the Noodles after I have opened them?
    Refrigerate any ZERO SLIM & HEALTHY NOODLES that you have not used in an airtight container and cover noodles with water. Use within 3 days is recommended.

    How could
    ZERO SLIM & HEALTHY NOODLES help me lose weight?
    The Glucomannan fibre in ZERO SLIM & HEALTHY NOODLES expands in the digestive system and gives the feeling that the stomach is full and as a result you will eat less. This in turn reduces the amount of calories your body absorbs and greatly reduces hunger cravings to accelerate weight loss. Glucomannan fibre is very popular in weight loss plans, coupled with exercise and drinking plenty of water, as it is reported to produce positive results in the treatment of obesity. Glucomannan fibre can be also be used safely as an appetite suppressant because it swells when consumed, making a person feel full.
    Therefore, it can be an excellent dietary aid in combination with raising your metabolic rate with moderate exercise. You will find that eating ZERO SLIM & HEALTHY NOODLES in combination with other healthy foods will prolong the sensation of fullness. You can replace one meal per day with a low calorie recipe that includes ZERO SLIM & HEALTHY NOODLES to reduce your caloric intake. You can substitute ZERO SLIM & HEALTHY NOODLES for the carbohydrates in your meals eg: rice, potatoes, pasta etc. ZERO SLIM & HEALTHY NOODLES have practically no calories ( 5 calories per serve) so you can eat more and still stay within your desired intake of calories.

    1. Expands to Control Cravings and Appetite - When consumed ZERO SLIM & HEALTHY NOODLES will gently expand with water to keep you feeling full and to control cravings, appetite and over eating. By controlling your appetite and eating less, you will make progress towards your weight loss goals.

    2. Blocks Fat Absorption - ZERO SLIM & HEALTHY NOODLES contains an ingredient that has been shown to delay and block the absorption of some of the fats in your diet. This means that you absorb less fat from the foods you eat which helps decrease your overall calorie intake and will accelerate weight loss. ZERO SLIM & HEALTHY NOODLES will help you reach your weight loss goal.

    Anyone considering using ZERO SLIM & HEALTHY NOODLES in a weight loss plan should consult a registered professional for advice.

    Are ZERO SLIM & HEALTHY NOODLES potentially beneficial for diabetics?
    The Glucomannan fibre in ZERO SLIM & HEALTHY NOODLES slows down the digestive process which is reported to slow down the bodies absorption of glucose which then stimulates a slower release of insulin from the pancreas. This metabolic process therefore aids in the normalization of blood glucose after eating a meals.

    How could ZERO SLIM & HEALTHY NOODLES help my cholesterol?
    Glucomannan fibre works in a similar manner to other water-soluble fibres. It is able to attach itself to bile acids in the gastrointestinal system and move them out of the body in the form of excrement. This process helps lower cholesterol and reduce the amount of fat in the blood. Like many soluble fibres, glucomannan can bind with a variety of substances in the digestive tract to slow digestion, relieve constipation and reduce the absorption of fat and carbohydrates.

    Are ZERO SLIM & HEALTHY NOODLES the same as Shirataki Noodles?
    Shirataki Noodles are made from the same ingredient as ZERO SLIM & HEALTHY NOODLES – but while some other brands have a fishy smell, our noodles are just delicious. Also our brand is made by all natural ingredients and it is Japanese certified organic and the plastic used for the packaging is free of Bisphenol, an industrial chemical used in some plastics that is reported to leach into the food contents.



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