Detox Feel New Pukka Caffeine Free Tea Organic (20s)

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  • Brand: Pukka Herbs
  • Country of origin: United Kingdom
  • Certified organic (Soil Association), Fairtrade
  • Suitable for gluten free diets
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • GMO-free, BPA-free and not tested on animals
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    Award-winning Great Taste Food Awards Gold 2009, 2008, 2006, 2005.
    Taste of the West UK Silver 2010.

    Purify and rejuvenate your body with this delicious cleansing blend of whole seeds. This wonderfully aromatic tea is perfect for helping you feel back on top form.

    A detoxifying and nourishing blend to regulate digestion, clear mucus, clean the liver and cleanse the blood and lymphatic system.

    Aniseed and fennel seed help to relax digestion and flush the urinary system.

    Cardamom seeds can help to clear excess mucus.

    Coriander and celery seed help to wash toxins from the body.

    Licorice root
    (liquorice) is calming and tonifying.

    Gorgeous organic award-winning herbal caffeine free tea - ‘Best Food Product of the Year’.
    The Pukka tea range also received the award for ‘Best Food Product of the Year’ at this year’s Helsam show in Denmark!

    Harnessing the incredible health benefits of organic herbs. Award-winning, Certified Organic, Incredible herbs...Incredible flavours, Now available in Australia!

    Therapeutic benefits:
    Aniseed seed: Delciously fragrant, this sweet seed aromatically transforms digestive and lung accumulations. Famed for its ability to relax digestion, clear mucus and
    flush the urinary system. It is a renowned detoxifying herb.

    Fennel seed: As a herb that balances all three constitutional types it is great for settling digestion. It clears inflammatory toxins via the urinary tract as well as gently soothing digestion.

    Cardamom seed: As a warming carminative, these tropical seeds help to clear mucus from the digestion, blood and skin.

    Coriander seed: These seeds are a superb remedy for guiding pitta and inflamation out via the urine. They are especially good for strengthening digestion without overly stimulating it.

    Licorice Root: This sweet root loves the kidneys and can help with managing the effects of stress by balancing the output of cortisol and the negative effects of excessive adrenaline. It is also a renowned anti-flammatory helping to heal the skin inside and out.

    Celery seed: Celery is a very small seed that helps to clear uric acid from the blood, joints and strongly detoxifies the skin.
    Certified Organic Feel New - Detox - Aniseed Fennel Cardamom Caffeine Free Herbal Tea (20 sachets, 42g) by Pukka Herbs. To use: Infuse for at least 5 mins in 85-90°C boiled water.

    Ingredients: 100% organically grown, naturally caffeine-free -
    Aniseed (42.5%), sweet fennel seed (22.5%), cardamom pod (15%), licorice root, coriander seed, turmeric root.
    Origin: UK with co-op farmers in India and Sri Lanka; Manufacturing in the UK is under tight restrictions in accordance with UK medicines standards.
    Certification: Soil Association UK5.

    The Pukka Pledge:
    * 100% organic
    * Fairly traded
    * Sustainable
    * Traceable
    * Carbon neutral
    * Purely vegetarian.

    About Pukka Herbs:
    Pukka Herbs was founded in 2001 by us Sebastian Pole, an Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, and Tim Westwell - business development. They started with a few thousand pounds and a mutual passion for promoting well-being and providing 100% organic Ayurvedic herbal remedies and teas. 

    A unique range of organic herbal remedies and award winning teas based on the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda – ‘the art of living wisely.’ Pukka Herbs created these tea blends to make the wonders of this wisdom easily accessible to everyone.

    Pukka Herbs are passionate about creating great tasting herbal teas using the finest organic herbs from sustainable sources and are:
    * committed to conservation and community support
    * a Carbon Neutral company
    * invest in renewable and sustainable energy projects as well as reforestation programmes
    * all aspects of the business carbon emissions from Field to Shelf are off-set by donations to Climate Care. Climate Care makes donations to energy saving projects
    * maintain policies such as limiting the flying in of materials and use shipping as much as possible
    * support Plantlife International - involved in protecting wild medicinal species
    * purely vegetarian.

    Pukka Herbal teas:
    * created by only using the best part of premium grade herbs to give you a delicious herbal infusion - never compromised on quality
    * all ingredients are 100% natural and organic
    * naturally caffeine-free
    * NO artificial flavours or sweeteners
    * recycled paper and vegetable inks are used when possible.

    Sebastian Pole, our master tea blender, Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, uses his extensive herbal knowledge and expertise to formulate the most flavoursome organic herbal teas, each with unique therapeutic properties to help balance your health.

    All herbs can be traced back to the fields from where they were grown. Pukka Herbs source herbs directly from the independent farming co-operatives they help set up in India and Sri Lanka to ensure farmers are paid a fair wage (currently pay 50-200% above market rates for raw materials), and to ensure minimal impact on the environment and maximum benefit for the growers. Pukka Herbs works directly with over 500 families growing Ayurvedic herbs organically and plant over 1,000,000 plants and trees per year.

    Pukka's herbal teas truly are pukka!

    We hope you enjoy them!

    (Pukka is a Hindi word meaning ‘authentic’, ‘genuine’ or more colloquially ‘top quality’. It comes from the Sanskrit ‘pakwa’ and this sentiment of offering the best quality organic Ayurvedic herbs and service is what we at Pukka Herbs are all about.)

    Award-winning herbal teas: Great Taste Awards, Guild of Fine Food, UK
    For the past five years Pukka Herbs have entered the prestigious Great Taste Awards in association with the Guild of Fine Food. It’s a real privilege to win such a significant accolade year after year and a testament to Sebastian’s excellent blending skills.

    Each year almost 4,500 foods are blind-tasted by up to three seperate teams of experts before the awards are made. The awards have been running for 14 years and are a recognised mark of excellence.

    2010 Revitalise, Three Mint and Chamomile & Vanilla
    2009 Detox and Refresh
    2008 Detox, Refresh, Relax and Love
    2007 Refresh, Relax and Revitalise
    2006 Detox, Revitalise and Refresh
    2005 Detox, Refresh and Relax

    Taste of the West 2010, UK
    Silver Awards: Revitalise, Relax, Love, Detox, Three Mint and Three Ginger.

    The Pukka tea range also received the award for ‘Best Food Product of the Year’ at this year’s Helsam show in Denmark!

    Body-mind types:
    In Ayurveda we are said to have body-mind types. These are known as dosha and consist of vata, pitta and kapha. Each dosha has certain attributes and describes our individual characteristics, inherited traits, our likes and dislikes and our tendencies. Generally we are a combination of doshas but one will usually dominate. If a dosha becomes out of balance, which can happen for a number of reasons, it can effect how we behave and even our health.

    Typical characteristics of each dosha type:
    Vata types tend to be visionary, imaginative and full of creative energy but when they are out of balance they can be forgetful, spaced out, anxious and uptight. Typical vata problems are erractic digestion, bloating, anxiety or joint disorders.

    Pitta types are confident, passionate leaders, organised and perfectionists, but excess pitta can make them fiery, snappy and irritable. Pitta people have a tendency to suffer from skin irritations, overheating, heartburn and ulcers.

    Kapha types tend to be loyal, kind-hearted, calm and full of love, but a kapha overload can make them lethargic, lacking in energy and a little overindulgent. Kapha types are prone to congestion, excess weight and sluggish digestion.

    It’s important to try and keep our doshas in balance in order to stay in top form. It’s not always easy with the hectic lives we lead, but if we can learn what our body needs and adjust our lifestyle accordingly, it’s a big step closer to staying healthy and happy!


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