Vital Wheat Gluten Flour Australian High Protein GM Free (1kg)

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  • Best before date: 3-Apr-2026
  • Brand: Organic Buyers Group
  • Country of origin: Australia
  • May contain non-organic ingredients
  • Not suitable for gluten free diets
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • GMO-free, BPA-free and not tested on animals
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    High estimated 83% protein. Australian grown wheat derived. GM Free.
    Super Popular - excellent customer feedback, fluffs up baked goods, best tasting vegetarian seitan!
    Look below for a guide on how much vital wheat gluten to add to your baking recipe and how to make seitan - a great meat substitute!
    How much protein does this Vital Wheat Gluten have?
    High 71-83% protein estimate. See the Nutritional Information below as a guide.
    High protein, low carb, low starch = GM free Vital Wheat Gluten from Australian grown wheat, sourced in Australia.
    What is Vital Wheat Gluten?
    A fine light cream coloured powder obtained by drying freshly prepared wet gluten separated from high quality Australian wheat flour.
    Vital Wheat Gluten is 100% gluten which is the protein in flour. This is also a low carb flour! Also called Gluten Flour.

    Suitable for Vegans, Lacto Vegetarians, Lacto-Ovo Vegetarians.
    Why, when and how to use Vital Wheat Gluten?
    The high protein and excellent vitality of Vital Wheat Gluten makes it the protein of choice:
    1. in all bakery applications to boost the protein in flours, to create lighter breads by increasing the elasticity of your baked favourites. Professional bakers use Vital Wheat Gluten to create their wonderful baked goods.
    - Vital Wheat Gluten is added to low protein flour to boost the protein level which gives it sufficient strength for bread making. Wholewheat, wholemeal and rye flours have lower protein levels due to the high bran content in the flour. Recipes that contain lots of nuts, seeds or added bran can sever gluten strands so adding gluten is required. Bagel recipes have a high gluten content to create the chewiness.
    - Rough guide: boost the protein level of your flour by adding approximately -
         - 15g Vital Wheat Gluten to 500g of flour or
        - 1 tablespoon of Vital Wheat Gluten to 2 cups of flour.
        - Other cooking websites also indicate bewteen 1.0-1.5 tablespoons or 3-5 teaspoons Vital Wheat Gluten per 2 cups of flour. Read more below **.
    - More accurate guide: Most bread flours contain 12.5% protein. If your bread recipe requires 12.5% protein, though your flour only contains 9.5% protein (by viewing the nutritional information on the label), here is how to work out how much Vital Wheat Gluten to add to achieve 12.5% protein:
        - 9.5% protein = 9.5g protein per 100g in your flour
        - 12.5% protein = 12.5g protein per 100g required for the flour in your recipe
        - need an extra 3.0g protein (12.5-9.5) per 100g of flour.
    So for 500g (100g x 5) of flour, you will need an extra 15.0g (3.0g x 5) of Vital Wheat Gluten/Protein to achieve approximately 12.5% protein in the final flour used for the recipe.
    MOISTURE %:10% max
    PROTEIN (db) (Nx5.7)%:75 min
    PROTEIN (db) (Nx6.25)% 82.2 min
    ASH %:1 max
    BULK DENSITY Kg/m3:660
    % retained on 355 micron 0.2 max
    % retained on 250 micron2 max
    NUTRITIONAL (Quantity / 100g)
    ENERGY kJ:1670
    ENERGY Cals:400
    Sugars:<1 g
    PROTEIN:71 g
    FAT, Total:5.0 g
    SODIUM:80 mg
    • Brand: Organic Buyers Group
    • Product Code: F00999
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    •   35 units in stock  
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    On Special $11.50 Our Usual Price $11.95
    RRP$14.50 (Save 21% off RRP)

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