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New: Brand new to market - Eclipse’s nut free Raw Paleo Bars: Berry Ripe, Cacao Mint, Choc Brownie,Coco Rough,Manuka&Nut. New: 2 new sourdough loaves from Bill’s Bakery: Power Protein & Super Seeds Nutrient dense, wheat free, protein rich. Bestseller: Even better than the classic Hazelnut Chocolate spread! Raw hazelnuts, cacao beans & coconut nectar by Loving Earth.
Special: 30% off - short dated Vilmas Chilli & Rye varieties - Bite-sized crispbread for dipping. Whole grains and no added fat Bestseller: Natural, organic Bug Another spray. Deet free, no synthetic pesticides. Citronella essential oil Active ingredient. Bestseller: Super Greens 1kg - Special only $88!  Spirulina,Chlorella,Barley Grass & Wheat Grass. A synergistic alkalising blend!
Note: Zeroslim Noodles, only 5 calories per 100g serve! Best substitute for regular pasta,noodles,rice.Low-carb pre-cooked. New: Thomas Chipman's new Potato Chips - Rosemary & Thyme! Low salt, no bad fats or oils and absolutely irresistable. New: Peace, Love and Vegetables raw organic Carrot Superkraut Sauerkraut, rich in probitics, new texture - now a finer cut.