Exclusive: Full range now in - Kangaroo Island Ligurian Honey. Drought has broken. Scarce stock, raw, organic, last pure strain of the Ligurian honeybee. Coastal Flora limited edition - the WOW honey! New: Blue Hills Tasmania's new Meadow, Blackberry & Tarkine Wilderness honeys - Meadow's butterscotch flavour is our latest favourite! Winter lemon honey drinks just got better. Special: Multi rice pastas, fusilli, shells - the perfect winter dish with your favourite sauce, stir fry, curry, italian bolognese - yum!  
New: Organic Winter Blue Vapour Rub Balm - no petrolatum, turpentine. Just natural pure ingredients for babies, kids & adults! Really works, smells wonderful. New: Geo-organics new curry pastes - nut free Satay, Singapore Noodle, Rendang. Absolutely delicious. Winter curries are the best. Special: Blis Organic Manuka Honeys MGO100, 540 on sale! Glass jar, pure, NZ honey. Soothes any cold.
Bestseller: Green Jasmine Tea - Organic, fragrant, one of the best. Include a free sample in your next order! Enjoy! New: New No Salt Added Beans - kidney, chickpeas, black, cannellini & 4 Bean Mix. Goodness! Special: Organic Glass Noodles - delicious with a ginger garlic green onion soy sauce. Add vegies, quick & nutritious.
New: Gourmet salt - A 100% Australian Trifecta… Pink Murray River Salt, Green Australian Seaweed & Organic Wakame from Tasmania. Really tasty. New: Organic Pizza & Bread Flour - a strong higher protein flour perfect for freshly baked goods. Try it for pasta too. New: Organic Dark Couverture Chocolate Drops - perfect for muffins, cakes, cookies or melt in warm almond milk for a soothing hot chocolate.