New: A lovely rich cream - protective for babies and we also love it as a face cream. New: Organic Spanish Saffron in a glass jar - premium grade, delicious for your rice, paella, all your favourite dishes! New: Seaweed Salt - Pink Murray River Salt, Green Australian Seaweed, Organic Wakame from Tasmania. Great combo!  
Special: Organic Milk Chocolate - smooth, silky, a wonderful balance of chocolate and sweetness. Special: Dark Chocolate and Minty Crisps - a wonderful zing. We love chocolate! Special: Organic Swiss Dark Almond Chocolate - our favourite. Grab last stocks!
New: Certified Organic Manuka Honey in glass jars by BLIS. MGO100, 540+ Bestseller: Mung Bean Potato Bean Thread noodles - superfood bean protein with Mung Bean. Special: Coconut and chocolate - the best combination in a raw organic bar, grab & enjoy!
New: Perfect for winter - tasty Madras Curry Paste, spoon into any soup, sauce for extra flavour! New: Everyone's favourite and so versatile - Korma Curry Paste, organic, delicious. New: Certified Organic Spice Blends - Bestselling Butter Chicken! Vindaloo, Korma, Kerala, Tandoori too!