New: Organic Blackcurrants from New Zealand - freeze dried, pure, high Vit C, antioxidants! 40g or 120g. New: The best blackcurrants rolled in Dark Belgian Chocolate - these are absolutely YUM! Super addictive & antioxidants plus. New: Soft Dried Organic NZ Blackcurrants - all ingredients grown in NZ, avocado oil, apple juice sweetened. A delicious staple.  
New: Heilala Vanilla Extract - the chef's choice of vanilla for its wonderful aroma. New: Heilala's famous Vanilla Paste - so versatile. All organically grown Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans from Tonga. New: Pure Rich Grade Organically grown Vanilla Bean Powder - super aromatic. Thank you Heilala!
New: Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil - no cholesterol, Omega 6, 9s. Earthy, green, fragrant, perfect dipping for sourdough! Back: Australia grown Rosnay's Certified Organic Kalamata Olive Paste - the favourite preferred olive paste. Back: Rosnay's Organic Kalamata Olives - just Murray River Salt, apple cider vinegar, extra virgin olive oil.
Special: Ambrosia - Truly Raw Organic Honey - creamy. Cold Extracted, no heat applied at all. The best! New: Ambrosia's Australian grown Smooth Peanut Butter, not chinese peanuts. Always ask check the source. Back: La Mav Certified Organic Skincare is back! Australian produced. Amazing results. More products to come!