Exclusive: Kangaroo Island Certified Organic Raw Honey - fresh stock just in, Spring Flora only variety available. The bee’s knees! Special: Short-Dated Specials galore.  Best before dates within 30 days. Buy more for less this Holiday Season! New: BiFun Brown Rice Noodles made 100% with certified organic brown rice flour. Make great Singapore Noodles at home!  
New: Authentic Italian Certified Organic canned tomatoes - Whole, Diced and popular Cherry Tomatoes! All BPA-free. New: Authentic Italian Certified Organic pasta sauces - fresh mashed tomato puree. No added salt. Also available with Basil. Bestseller: Certified Organic Coconut Cream & Milk Made from pure whole coconut flesh. Naturally sweet. No preservatives.
New: New Girolomoni pastas - Duram wheat, Kamut, Spelt Farro.  Italian made in a dedicated Cert. Organic pasta factory. New: Certified Organic hand blended combo of Sultanas, Currants, Sunmuscat Raisins, Cranberries, Dried Apricots. Bestseller: Non-GMO Autralian Wheat. Combine with yeasts, baking powders to make professional-quality protein-rich breads.
New: Randall’s Organic Australian rice is here! Koshihikari (risotto/sushi), Doongarra long-grain & Flours. White or brown. Bestseller: Natural, organic Bug Another spray. Deet free, no synthetic pesticides. Citronella essential oil Active ingredient. Back: Pure Bamboo Hei Cubes & range of deodorisers to absorb moisture, odours, chemicals & electromagnetic waves.