Special: Hand Sunscreen Lip Balm to protect your sensitive lips or any skin area. Tangerine, Chamomile. Special: Organic Insect Repellent - it really works without the toxic chemicals. Wards off the mozzies! Bestseller: Summer essentials - protect the skin from burning, ageing spots & sun damage.  
New: Delicious, scrumptious Turkish Delights! Vegan too. Apricot Almond Honey, Cranberry, Fruit, Rose & more. New: Rose, Lemon &  Mint - traditional vegan Turkish Delight. The bestseller. New: Pistachio Pomegranate vegan Turkish Delight. Ultra delicious, soft, juicy, plump little morsels of delight!
Special: Loving Earth Chocolate Bars to enjoy! Turkish Delight, Berry, Salted Caramel. New: Abode Cleaning - purest, food & pharmaceutical grade. Not lower industrial grade cleansers. Natural. More stock to come! Special: New Specials for the new year! Chocolates, milks, flours, beans & more!
Special: A Deodorant that really works! The most popular for its simple scent, effectiveness for these hot days.Thanks Biologika. New: New flavours Le Pain Des Fleurs Crispbreads - super popular gluten free, light airy snacks. Green Lentil, Black Rice, Onion... Special: Bennetto Chocolates on special - the smoothest we have tried. Enjoy a treat.