So Thoughtful

Thursday 07 November, 2019

Hello OBG
Thanks for doing sending the chocolates early. You are so thoughtful.
Feedback By: S.C.

All is Good

Monday 09 September, 2019

Our jar has just arrived. We open the jar and all is good. I am very happy with the turnaround.

Thank you for all your help
Feedback By: J.H.

Super Prompt Shipping

Wednesday 28 August, 2019

Thank you for the super prompt shipping!
Feedback By: D.F.

Excellent Service

Tuesday 27 August, 2019

First time visit and I am impressed by the high quality of customer service. Amanda took the time to explain to me all I needed to know, I will now have a regular source for my wraps which eliminates a heap of stress as they are the only ones I can eat!!!! Thanks!
Feedback By: D.B.

Whole Family is Enjoying!

Friday 19 July, 2019

Thank you for the delivery, everything is so delicious. A huge thank you for the Lebanese bread, the whole family is enjoying all the food.
Feedback By: F.T.

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