Best quality fast service ever!

Tuesday 07 August, 2018

Thank you just received my order. The best quality fast service ever, kind regards.
Feedback By: E.G.

Quick despatch, prefer OBG.

Friday 20 July, 2018

Good Heavens OBG, that must be a record quick despatch surely!

BTW Just so you know - even though we have an organic shop just down the road, I always buy from you.🤗

Have a lovely week!
Feedback By: M.W.

Quickest shipping, love the Kangaroo Island honey

Saturday 14 July, 2018

My honey arrives the quickest of all my deliveries.

The Sugar Gum Kangaroo Island Honey is all I enjoy these days, it is the best tasting honey, raw and organic.
Feedback By: J.S.

Muchly Appreciated

Wednesday 20 June, 2018

Thank you very much for everything you have done to help me get the Nutritional Savoury Yeast Flakes. Muchly appreciated.
Feedback By: M.W.


Friday 01 June, 2018

Thanks so much for going to all that trouble to answer my product enquiry.
Feedback By: F.B.

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