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Please Note: We cannot guarantee that your chocolate will not melt in transit due to factors beyond our control e.g. shipping company transit conditions, weather, temperature amongst other factors.
On warm and hot days, we cannot despatch any orders containing chocolate. We will use our discretion to make an informed decision as best whether to despatch or not and notify you of the choices so we can help preserve your chocolates for a cooler despatch day .
During the warmer months, chocolate can sometimes melt in transit. There is an increased chance of this in the case of Creamy Mylk Chocolates and Truffles or any chocolate containing coconut oil or whole coconut flesh, which contains healthy oils with a low melting point. Please find tips on ordering and storing your chocolate below and on its product page.
Tips on ordering chocolate:
- Those ordered closer to the weekend are more likely to sit in warmer conditions during transit or storage in a shipping depot over the weekend and as such may melt.
- Please consider waiting until Monday to complete your order if weather conditions are warm and hot.
- If you provide an Authority To Leave, please note and consider leaving it somewhere cool e.g. in the shade or in a box or cool bag you have left out.
- If your package is warm to the touch when it arrives, please place your chocolate in the fridge for two hours. At that stage it should have a firmer consistency and be fine to enjoy.
Any purchase and request for despatch of chocolate means you accept the state of the chocolate when it arrives e.g. potentially slightly melted during any condition as noted above.


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Almond Milk 48pc Pico Chocolate Organic (80g
  Smooth creamy chocolate made from almond m*lk.   Pico Almond M*lk Chocolate is the result of hard work, patience and dedication to...

$5.90... more info

Black Truffles Dark Chocolate Alter Eco Fair Organic (108g)
  Melty silky dark chocolate made with pure coconut oil. Each individually wrapped with compostable wrappers! All the goodness of coconut oil...

$10.90... more info

Blackout Dark Chocolate 85pc Alter Eco Fair. Organic (80g)
Deep Fruity Intensity - instense cacao power. So delicious for an anti-oxidant boost! With Ecuadorian Dark Chocolate - pure heaven! Certified organic...

$4.95... more info

Blackout Super Dark Chocolate 90pc Alter Eco Fair Organic (75g)
  Intense, smooth, fruity. Half the sugar as the original Blackout Chocolate.   If you've tried and loved our award-winning...

$5.30... more info

Boobook Caramel Chocolate Eggs Loving Earth Organic (100g,10x)
  Cashew mylk chocolate eggs filled with a soft caramel centre. Tasting Notes: Burnt toffee, butterscotch, vanilla, nut butter Healthy...

$11.95... more info

Cacao Butter Raw Wafers Buttons Goodness Organic(350g)
  An easy wafer button to add to any treat or for your own DIY beauty products.   Organic Cacao Butter Wafers, also called cocoa...

$12.90... more info

Caramel Lemon Cheesecake Chocolate Loving Organic(80g)
  Vegan Lemon Cheesecake! 36% Raw Cacao.   The result of just 5 ingredients is a zesty flavour that is reminiscent of a lemon...

$6.50... more info

Carob Almond Bar No added Sugar Caffeine Free Carob Kitchen(80g)
100% pure nutritious Carob - no added sugar. - 7 times more fibre than most chocolate bars! - No added sugar - naturally sweet from the sweetness in...

$5.70... more info

Carob Banjo Bear No added Sugar Caffeine Free Carob Kitchen(15g)
7 times more fibre than most chocolate bars! Banjo The Carob Bear - is the perfect snack, fun to eat for young and old, portion controlled, and...

$0.95... more info
Displaying 1 to 9 (of 35 Products)


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