Short-Dated: Still Good

Specials in this category are within 30 days of their 'Best Before' date

The Best Before date is NOT A USE-BY, NOT AN EXPIRY DATE and NOT A DUE DATE.
Best Before dates are DIFFERENT to Use-By Dates.  Best Before dates are a conservative estimate by the manufacturer of when they deem quality is at its 'best'. It will not go off 1 day after this date. Instead it is usually fine for 3 months or more after this date when kept in ideal conditions. It is perfectly legal to sell and consume products that are past their Best Before dates.  Refer to the NSW Food Authority website for more information.

Decanting the contents into clean glass containers immediately and storing in cool, dry, dark places are good ways to extend the life of your products. 

The current Best Before dates are displayed below and on each of the individual product pages.  Some products here are below cost.

Remember to factor in the transit time to your shipping destination when making your purchase decisions.

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